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How to fight against post-holiday syndrome?

Cómo combatir el síndrome postvacacional

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August is behind us and for most of us the vacation period is over. OMG! We start to feel that tingling in the stomach and our head goes through a list of things that await us as soon as we return: the return to routine, work, children’s schedules, traffic jams … the list can be endless. But let’s not get overwhelmed! Allow your mind to benefit from what you have experienced and rested during the last few weeks/months and let it leave its mark on your body. We tell you the best way to face the post-holiday syndrome.

Keys to overcome the post-holiday syndrome in the best way

The return to routine after the summer is always a hard task for all of us, but to resume this change it is essential to do it with energy and positivity. Let everything flow naturally without stress and gradually get back into your usual routine. Below we will talk about some keys to successfully combat post-holiday syndrome.

Healthy Food

During the vacations we tend to make more excesses and when we return, we may feel heavier or with some extra kilos/pounds. One of the keys to face the return to the routine with energy is to recover our daily balanced diet. Food is the best basis for good physical and mental health.

Following the Mediterranean diet, we have it very well to take care of ourselves without having to give up anything. This type of diet is much more than a dietary pattern, over the years it has become a healthy lifestyle highly recommended by medical experts around the world.

If we combine foods properly and know the nutritional properties of each one, we will be able to create healthy and attractive dishes to get strength and face the post-holiday syndrome.

Dieta mediterránea

Health benefits of jamón

At Enrique Tomás, as jamón experts, we recommend that you consult the nutritional properties of jamón, if you don’t already know them. We all know that Iberian jamón is delicious. But what some people don’t know is that it also has many health benefits.

Iberian jamón is a food with a high protein and heart-healthy content. In particular, the fat in Jamón de Bellota contains more than 50% oleic acid, which helps lower cholesterol, reducing the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis, arterial hypertension, etc

It also has other very important benefits such as favoring our immune system or taking care of our joints thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Including jamón in your diet is a good idea. In the following section we tell you how to do it through delicious and balanced recipes and dishes

Arroz salvaje, quinoa, manzana y jamón
Arroz salvaje, quinoa, manzana y jamón

Recipes to get rid of post-holiday syndrome

In Enrique Tomás we give you some ideas so that you can prepare healthy and balanced recipes for your return to routine. Discover different options according to your goals. We talk about seasonal recipes, dishes to take to work, healthy recipes and so on. Take a look and start preparing your weekly menus.

You can now access our online store and buy jamón in the format of your choice to start cooking!

Physical exercise

Another factor that can help us to overcome the post-holiday syndrome is to return to our usual routine of physical activity. It is very important to move daily and / or perform physical activity or exercise to improve the health of our body.

What are the benefits of physical exercise?

  • – It regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • – Maintains good bone density
  • – Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • – Improves cardiovascular health
  • – Helps control weight
  • – Strengthens the immune system
  • – Helps improve the quality of your sleep.
  • – It has benefits for mental health.

All this contributes not only to avoid imbalances, but also to improve health, quality of life and prevent the development of diseases.

Ejercicio físico
Ejercicio físico

Emotional Well-being

Finally, we talk about one of the most important features when returning to routine: emotional well-being. This factor by itself improves our state of health since feeling good motivates us to adopt healthier lifestyles and to take care of ourselves.

How to achieve this?

  • 1. By having a good stress management.
  • 2. Identifying your emotions.
  • 3. By being generous and optimistic.
  • 4.            Having healthy relationships.
  • 5.            Achieving optimal rest time.
  • 6.            Doing what we like (hobbies, work…).
  • 7.            Loving yourself as you are (good self-esteem).
  • 8.            Eating a healthy diet and having an active life (physical activity).
  • 9.            Establishing a good relaxation routine.

All this will help us to generate positive emotions and have a full and satisfying life, where the return to routine does not affect us too much. Take the opportunity to set new goals and go for them! Will you follow these keys to combat post-holiday syndrome? We hope they have helped you!

How to combat post-holiday syndrome?
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How to combat post-holiday syndrome?
The vacation time comes to an end and our mind starts to get depressed. Let's not let it happen! Here are some ideas to combat post-holiday syndrome.
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Enrique Tomás S.L.
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