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How to cut open a ham

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Iberian ham is one of the most international delicacies of our gastronomy and its taste is liked by everyone, wherever they come from! But do you want to know how to cut a ham? To enjoy all its nuances it is important that each slice has the right thickness, neither too thin nor too thick, and in Enrique Tomás we are going to help you achieve it. Pay attention to this guide in jamón cutting that we give you today!

How to cut ham like a real master ham carving specialist

Before you start cutting a ham, first make sure you have everything you need to slice your Iberian ham properly, i.e. the ham holder, the ham knife and the knife sharpener. Do you have it? Well, here we go.

Como elegir un buen jamonero para casa

To cut open a ham is not an exact science; you can start slicing from two areas: by the maza or by the babilla (see parts of Iberian ham for more info). Depending on how you place the hoof, if up or down, you will start in one way or another and we want to emphasize that neither of the two is better, it’s simply different.

In bars and restaurants, where the ham is finished immediately, place it with the hoof up to serve first the meat of the “maza” that is more tender and leave the babilla for the end. However, when cutting the ham at home we all ask ourselves a key question, how to start a ham?

Although it might seem incredible, deciding how to place the ham in the ham holder is not as simple as it seems. Our recommendation is that if there are only a few of you at home, two or three, start it as in bars and restaurants to eat the most juicy meat just when it is at its point, the rest of the piece you can bring it to a store of Enrique Tomás so that we can vacuum pack it for you, so it doesn’t get spoiled. If, on the other hand, you are more than four or more members, you can start with by the babilla to prevent it from curing too much and leave the maza for later. As you wish!

Anyway, if you see that you are not going to finish the piece and you are afraid that its taste will lose its nuances, the best thing you can do is either bring it, to us, to be sliced and vacuum-packed or invite your friends and family to eat, love is about sharing isn’t it!

Where is the trick to know where to start a ham 

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, it’s time to cut a ham. But how do you cut open a ham? Start by sharpening the ham knife and, although it is not necessary to have another suitable knife to remove the rind, it is recommended that you do have a knife with wide blade that you will also have to sharpen first.

With this last one you have to remove the rind from the ham and, watch out for this, get rid of it! Even if you hear the opposite, it is NOT used to cover the ham. Once it has been cut off , it has ceased to fulfil its function. So you better throw it away. When you are able to see the ham, change the knife and now use the ham knife.

You have to slice little by little horizontally,  starting from the area closest to the hoof and ending in the area closest to you. The hand that holds the knife must always be placed behind it to avoid hurting yourself. When you are an expert you can do it in another way, if it is more comfortable for you, but if you are just a beginner, it is worthwhile to play safe first.

The perfect slices

To get perfect slices, the best trick is to feel and see the knife blade behind the ham slice. By using this method, you will achieve slices thick enough to appreciate their full flavour but thin enough for the oil to melt in your mouth when it comes into contact with the warmth of your palate, what a fantastic pleasure!

Repeat this process until you have as many slices as you want, put them on a plate and voila! Now that you know how to cut a ham and that you have prepared it in the best way, you only have one question left: when to turn the ham around? Try to extract absolutely all the meat you can and, if you see that there is still meat but you are not able to get it out, bring us the ham piece and we will do it for you!


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You know that you like jamón. Yet do you know now how to cut open a ham- jamón? whatever your answer is, you may find here some good tips to start anew or to improve your technique.

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