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How to cut

How to cut Spanish jamón/ham?

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We know how magical it can be to have the whole (bone-in) piece of jamón/ham at home and to be able to enjoy the experience of slicing each piece. The act of “slicing Spanish ham” becomes a real ritual for some of those who are passionate about this product. Keep in mind that, if you have never sliced Spanish ham or you feel insecure, it is best to start by learning with the best you have at hand, such as our ham slicing tutorials here and also on video.

Learn how to cut well jamón

Or if you prefer you can buy it already cut in vacuum sealed sachets because you will not only hurt yourself, but you can start trying them all and then later buy your own piece and start cutting with more confidence.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the experience of cutting and learn how to do it, in this post we are going to tell you step by step, introducing you to the most suitable tools and explaining how to use them in the appropriate way at all times.

Mastering the technique of cutting is complicated and takes time, yet – as in all aspects of life – attitude is everything. If you are willing to learn and follow these steps, you can do it easily, safely and effectively.

The importance of slicing Spanish Jamón/ham

The essence of eating a good Jamón lies not only in the fact that it is a well-cured, good quality product but also in the cut. A good ham cut is essential to get the most out of it and reveal the authenticity of its flavor.

As our Jamón/ham experts say: “A good product in combination with a good cut technique results in a perfect slice, capable of providing an indescribable pleasure when eating it”.

Therefore, it is logical that a bad cut will cause a loss of nuances in flavor and texture. Of course, it is impossible to slice a whole ham without making several mistakes, even the best experts sometimes make mistakes. Nor is it possible to cut with the same tool a whole piece into slices. There are areas where the ham knife can no longer reach and must be cut with a boning knife. From these areas come the delicious ham shavings and cubes, so delicious and tasty as appetizers or as ingredients that enhance flavor to any recipe.

What are the necessary tools for slicing Spanish Jamón/ham?

We use utensils of utmost importance to achieve a perfect cut, well-defined, and without any danger for the person. We are talking about a Jamón/ham knife, and a boning or paring knife. Of course, there are more, such as tongs, to not touch the slice with the hand or protective gloves if we are really beginners. The latter is optional, but not essential.

Ham slicing tools: the ham stand

There are different types by extension and by price. Their price usually ranges from >10 euros to <100 euros. The most important thing is that they are secure and that the ham or shoulder is well fixed and does not move, since, otherwise, poor stability influences the cut and the greater danger for the cutter. The fact that the ham holder should be adjusted to the size of the ham in question is essential. Not all ham holders are suitable for cutting any ham or shoulder, depending on its weight and size. For this reason, when purchasing it, bear in mind the weight range covered by the ham holder.

Ham slicing tools: the boning knife

The boning knife is essential, on the one hand, to remove the rind and yellowish fat when opening the Jamón/ham, and, on the other hand, to take advantage of the parts closest to the bone when it is impossible to remove the sliced ham. This elongated knife must be rigid and have a wide blade towards the handle and narrower at the tip.

Slicing Jamón tools

Ham cutting tools: Jamón knife

This is the most famous of the Spanish ham slicing tools. It is about 30 cm long, with a sharp and pointed blade. When using your ham knife you have to keep in mind that it is very sharp and if you do not use it properly you can cut yourself. When you are going to use it do not forget that your hand must ALWAYS be placed above the area you are slicing. This way, if it slips you will not cut yourself.

Above all, the ham knife is the most important since it is the one that will determine the cut of each slice. For this, it must be properly sharpened because if it does not cut well, not only we can hurt ourselves by trying to force too much, but the slices will surely be too thick. So get some good cutting knives to start cutting.

Cutting Spanish Jamón/ham: step by step

  1. Before starting to slice the jamón/ham, it is very important to well secure the Jamón in the ham stand so that it does not move and thus avoid us unpleasant nasty cuts.
  2. Make a transversal and deep cut just below the nut, this cut is made with the boning knife in a V-shaped form.
  3. Remove the layer of rancidity and fat until you find the ham to start cutting slices. Here we must use a ham knife. Watch out: the hand that does not cut should always be above the one that cuts or in another place, away from the knife.
  4. With the deboning knife, we separate the meat from the bone and so we can continue cutting ham making the most of it. As the ham is being cut, it goes down the leg until it reaches the end.
  5. At the end of each cut, place a lint-free cloth over the ham so that it does not get light and is a little exposed to the air as possible.
corte y rodaja perfecto

Here we leave you again a summary video where it is detailed step by step how to do it. If you have any questions you can contact Enrique Tomás customer service team and we will do our best to help you.

Curiosities about slicing Spanish ham

There are several key points to keep in mind when slicing Spanish ham, especially if it is your first time.

  1. It is essential to cut ham daily, if you see that you are not going to do it, do not buy the whole leg, buy it sliced in vacuum-sealed sachets.
  2. A ham should be started by the narrow part, which is the most cured.
  3. If you buy a Jamón Enrique Tomás , it is already at the ideal curing point for consumption, so you should not delay in starting it, otherwise it may dry out more than usual and even spoil if the environmental conditions are not optimal. Once started, we recommend consuming it in about three weeks to enjoy its authentic flavor, a maximum of one month, since it could also spoil.
  4. Jamón/Ham is a sensation, an emotion, which is why the slicing technique for each slice is very important to enhance the flavor and provoke sensations. Remember that the slices should be neither too thick nor too thin. This will allow the oil to cascade in your mouth and you will notice the nuances of your piece, the pleasure will be unique!

In short, the best slice is the one that our palate accepts easily and without hardly making an effort to chew it, and it melts into a cascade of aromas and tastes. Obviously, the degree of taste and textures will also depend on the type of Jamón/ham and its curing time, but undoubtedly, as you learn to slice, you will see that the cut influences to reveal the nuances in the flavor and notice that perfect texture that makes it melt in your mouth.

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The act of "cutting ham" becomes a real ritual for some of those who are passionate about this product. Enjoy the slicing experience.

Otros idiomas: Español


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