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How to lift your spirits, take note of the magic ingredients!

Cómo levantar el ánimo: ingredientes claves

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The return to routine after vacation time always involves some stress and anxiety, so in Enrique Tomás we give you a series of tips on how to lift your spirits during this time. There are some key ingredients to face the situation in the best way. Please take note!

To begin with, it is essential not to neglect your diet, we left the summer behind; a season in which excesses and lack of routine and schedules abound. Now, more than ever, it is important to strengthen and protect the body with a healthy and balanced diet to face the return to routine. Good health means having a robust and strong immune system to cope with any disease. And of course, we achieve this mainly thanks to a balanced diet, adequate rest and a good physical activity routine. Read on, we’ll tell you more!

Are you a little low in morale and wondering how to lift your spirits?

When the summer ends, we all tend to be more sluggish, work, routine, school and responsibilities begin. Don’t get overwhelmed with what can’t be changed and turn the tables by looking for ways to cheer yourself up and please yourself. Remember that phrase we often use but seldom remember to put into practice “enjoy life’s little moments”. Find your moments!

Moments of action

It has been proven that doing a little exercise a day is one of the most effective methods to boost our mood. In addition to all the positive effects it has on our health, by doing sport our body secretes endorphins, those famous hormones of happiness and pleasure. Thus, it gives us that feeling of well-being, and even if we end up tired, it increases our vital and especially emotional energy. Of course, each person, depending on their tastes, their possibilities, will do what they like the most or what is more within their reach. Remember! It is not the quantity nor the intensity that matters here, since you should mark it as long as you feel well, but when you decide what activity is within your reach, be constant. Frequency is important, to maintain a good mood and of course good health.

Moments of relaxation

To lift our spirits, it is also important to follow habits and routines that help us to relax and rest well. It is clear that without adequate rest any activity, no matter how small, becomes a chore, so look for those moments that are pleasant for you: reading a book on a bench on the promenade, sitting under a tree or on the terrace of your house with a refreshing drink to hydrate well. Maybe do a yoga meditation, listen to your favorite music while walking, or at home. To pamper yourself, treat yourself to a facial or body treatment. Essential oils are a natural source to awaken our most intimate sense, the sense of smell and take us to the places and endearing moments that keeps our memory.

Food or culinary moments to lift your spirits

Although “we are what we eat” is a cliché, it is very true. It is necessary to keep it in mind not only for the well-being of our body but also for our mind. And how lucky we are! Undoubtedly, one of the best things about Spain is its gastronomy: we can enjoy 100% of infinite fresh and varied ingredients. Take advantage of the many foods it offers and enjoy one of life’s great pleasures: eating.

Here we present a series of foods that will help you lift your spirits thanks to their natural properties.

Foods rich in healthy fats

How to lift your spirits through food, we tell you! There are a number of foods that can act on our mood.

One of them is chocolate, which has the advantage of increasing the levels of serotonin in our body. Serotonin, besides giving us happiness, contributes to boost performance, improves circulation and is a powerful natural painkiller. The purer black, the healthier. Of course, you should not abuse it. The right amount is one ounce.


Fish, especially blue fish, is rich in Omega 3, one of the most beneficial healthy fats for our body. Its consumption is key to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. In this season of “back to routine”, the blue fish of the season are: sea bream, scorpion fish, dogfish, tuna, mackerel…. In addition, their fats have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect!


Nuts in all their variations are a source of healthy fats for the body. They also offer fiber, protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and other good nutrients, making it advisable to include them in your regular diet. Add them to your daily recipes or in your moments of relaxation.

There are also fresh fruits that help us to lift our spirits such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, peaches, loquats, avocados or bananas. These foods are rich in omega-3, phosphorous and vitamin B. Their high levels of this amino acid also contribute to the proper regulation of sleep, emotional processes and anxiety.

Dieta mediterránea

Jamón ibérico

This “delicacy” so exclusive to our gastronomy is one of the allies to lift your spirits, not only for being a delight for our palate, but also for its nutritional properties.

The health benefits of Jamón are many
. Ham has proteins, minerals and is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, therefore, its controlled consumption is beneficial for our body. In addition, it contains oleic acid, the same that we find in olive oil itself. This type of unsaturated fat acts in a positive way for our organism, contributing to maintain a good cardiovascular health and helping the immune system to strengthen the defenses. In short, eating good Jamón in moderation makes you happier and remember, it gives you pleasure!

Include it in your recipes or as a snack in an informal lunch or dinner! At the bottom of our blog we present you some ideas to do so.

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Take note of the magic ingredients! here you will discover how to lift your spirits to get back to your routine with good vibes

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