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How to preserve a started ham

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Knowing how to preserve a started ham is a very important issue to enjoy all its flavor without spoiling it. Because the production dry curing process is too long, it would be a pitty  to let it spoil or its taste be affected by not covering it correctly and let it dry. At Enrique Tomás we keep saying: if you buy a whole piece of ham (bone-in), it’s for eating and enjoying! Invite your friends and loved ones and make this delicacy end as soon as possible while all the flavour nuances are kept. If you’ve already decided to start biting into your ham leg, and you want to know how to keep it in perfect condition while it’s being finished, read on, because this post will explain it in detail.

How to preserve a started ham in the ham holder

The first thing to keep in mind is that you have to put the ham in the ham holder properly, with the hoof down or up depending on how long it takes you to eat it. Once you have it and have begun to cut, as soon as you stop slicing it you will see that its meat is exposed to the air and, therefore, it can dry. What to do? Very simple. First of all, it should be noted that ham is very susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity, so even if you have it in the kitchen because it is the natural place for food, avoid placing it near sources of heat and ensure that it is in a cool and dark space.

Now let’s talk about fat. The fat acts as a protector of the meat and therefore when you cut, don’t remove more than necessary. Thanks to the fat,  the ham is going to be more protected.

As far as fat is concerned, we must also bear in mind that many times we tend to cut it and then put it on top of the ham that is exposed. That’s a big mistake! the fat gets rancid easily and if you let it come into contact with the meat, it could spoil it and make it lose flavor. Do you want to check? Cut some of the fat and put it on top of a slice of bread, the taste is awful, isn’t it? Well, that same taste will be transferred to the ham.

Best tips ever!

How to preserve a started ham then? All you have to do is cover it with a clean, lint-free cloth and, once you eat it again, remove first the part that has dried out. This dry ham can be used to cook and prepare some dishes, such as fried eggs with ham.

el jamon serrano se puede freir

However, what is the best way to preserve the ham? Eat it as soon as possible. One ham leg has to last a maximum of sixteen days in summer and twenty-one in winter, not one more nor one less, so if you think you are going to take longer to consume it, our recommendation is that you send it to get it sliced in any of our stores.

In Enrique Tomás we cut the ham and vacuum pack it, regardless of whether you have bought the leg in one of our stores or not. But why is it good to vacuum pack it? Because a sliced sachet can last up to 90 days in optimal conditions and therefore you won’t have to open it immediately. All you have to do is store the packages in a dry, dark place at a temperature of between 17 and 23ºC, such as the pantry. The sachets won’t bother you and you can have the ham on the table whenever you want in the most comfortable way. Just open it and wait a few minutes until the slices are separated from each other in a natural way. When you eat them you will enjoy the freshly cut ham!

So, now that you know how to preserve the ham started in the most appropriate way, try to follow our advice as far as possible and, if for whatever reason, you could not, bring it to us and we will cut it and prepare it in sachets of 80, 100 or 150 grams. Just say it! Take care of your ham and simply enjoy a first class product!

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When buying a ham, it's best to eat it immediately, but if you want to find out how to preserve a started ham, here's the answer!

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