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How to preserve the ham in summer. Good advice!

How to preserve ham in summer

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It’s the middle of the summer. Temperatures soar and heat threatens not only our physical endurance but also the preservation of our food. Therefore, in order to avoid your Iberian ham or your sliced meats spoiling. We explain how to preserve the ham in summer and cure meats in summer and continue to enjoy them fully. With minimal care and practical advice from Enrique Tomás, take good note!

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Ham and heat

If you have bought a ham or a ham shoulder and start eating it on these days it will be fantastic on the first day.  You feel like it and the freshly bought ham will surely be delicious. Yet, think that the next day, the ham won’t be as good and you probably won’t notice, but it won’t probably be the same anymore.  Every day that passes, the ham seems to have lost a bit of the taste of the first bite… And if you do not eat it in a reasonable time, especially in summer, it will end up spoiling.

In hot weather, a reasonable time for a ham of about 7 kg, at room temperature and well protected (our recommendation is to cover it with a clean cotton cloth) can last about two weeks. In the case of a 4.5 kg ham shoulder, about 10 days. This is because the heat makes the ham sweat more. It loses more fat that protects it and dehydrates very quickly. Thus, not only does it dry up more, but it also becomes oxidized by the constant source of heat that is the room temperature on summer days.

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The best tips to preserve the ham in summer

Any piece of ham, damaged by not following some basic and easy recommendations would be a real shame and a waste, especially if it is an Iberian Bellota ham that has taken more than 3 years to “cook”. Therefore, its cost would also be higher for everyone. So keep the following in mind.

With the whole piece: ham or ham shoulder

  • You don’t have to look for a small microclimate at home like a pantry. Simply keep the piece of ham out of the reach of a direct source of light or heat such as the sun, the stove and the oven, if you have it in the kitchen as it is the usual.
  • Every day cut some slices so that the cut is alive and the infiltrated fat can flourish so that it does not dry out too quickly.
  • Once cut, the best thing is to eat it immediately or, as Enrique Tomás says, “the best slice is the one that doesn’t even touch the plate, it’s the one that goes from the knife to the mouth directly” and don’t keep it in the fridge, leave it outdoors until it’s time to eat it. Cut the ham shortly before serving it to the table, the more it has just been cut, the better.
  • If you don’t have a choice, keep it in the fridge, but take it out before eating so that the slices adopt the room temperature and take on their juicy appearance again. And NEVER heat up the dish like some restaurants do to make the ham shine and release fat, it’s a big mistake!

Vacuum-packed sliced ham and ham cubes in sachets

If eating the ham or ham shoulder in summer in two weeks or ten days, respectively, is too too short for you because you are few at home, you travel a lot or simply because you know that you will not be able to cut a few slices every day, we have the best solution: buy your piece of ham and let it cut and vacuum packed by the master ham carving experts of Enrique Tomás. Sliced ham, ham cubes and shavings for a better and longer preservation.

Then, in summer it is always advisable to put them in the fridge and take them out whenever you want. But REMEMBER! Always half an hour before putting the ham in your mouth, open the sachet, place it on a plate, and it will be ready when you can separate each of the slices easily and without breaking. And to find out how long the vacuum-packed ham lasts read this post from us. With this, you have everything you need to eat and enjoy your ham in summer or when you feel like it.

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How to preserve the ham in summer is very easy to do following some simple and routine guidelines, we will explain them to you!

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