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How to serve Jamón/ham?

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There is no doubt that Iberian ham by itself is more than appetizing, but there are several tricks to make its appearance even more appealing and we cannot resist tasting one of its slices. One of the most important aspects is “how to serve the ham”.

We have all heard and verified that food is also about presentation, but if there is a dish that, without great boasts, catches our attention, it is Spanish Jamón.

However, to serve Jamón consists not only in cutting slices thinly and put them on a plate as you like. It is much more than that. You just need a bit of good taste and practice to surprise everyone. Stay and read the whole blog if you want to find out how!

The importance of the cut when serving ham

First of all, one of the most important characteristics to bear in mind when plating Iberian ham is the way it is cut. We must pay close attention to this step, since, depending on how it is cut, it will attract more or less attention. Sometimes, a single slice can make our mouths water.

It is important to emphasize that the cut must be made with the right tools. The utensils we must use are of the utmost importance to achieve a perfect, well-defined cut without any danger for the person in charge. We are talking about a ham holder or stand, a ham knife and a boning knife.

como elegir un buen cuchillo jamonero
Ham knife

The cut considered perfect for plating ham is a very thin slice of about four to five centimeters. Each slice should have a similar shape to achieve symmetry and harmony on the plate.

You are probably wondering how many slices you should put on each plate to have an excellent presentation. The perfect amount of slices is 20 to 25 slices per plate, which is about 80/100 grams. However, we must also consider the proportions of the dish to choose the ideal amount.

If you want to enjoy the experience of slicing and learn how to do it, we recommend you visit the post “How to slice ham” where you will find how to do it step by step, introducing you to the most suitable tools and explaining how to use them in the appropriate way at all times. As you learn how to slice, you will see that slicing has an influence on revealing the nuances in the flavor and noticing that perfect texture that makes it melt in your mouth.

cortando jamon argentina
How to slice Jamón

The plate as a key component to plate the ham

Once you have learned how to make the perfect cut for an exquisite presentation of ham, you will have to decide on which plate to place the ham slices.

A fundamental element to take into account is the color of the plate, since it is advisable to use a plate that enhances the intense red of the ham. This is a way of achieving a high contrast and making the product stand out more. For this reason, we could use, for example, a white plate. It is also advisable that the plate has no ornaments that may distract the eye from the ham, our protagonist.

The shape of the dish is also very important in the plating. Thus, the shape of the plate most recommended by experts is round. This shape allows us to place the slices in the most elegant way.

The placement should start from the outside of the plate towards the inside, overlapping the slices. A tip is to orient the bacon part of the slice towards the inside of the plate, in this way it will be easier to take the slices when we are going to taste them and the plate will be more attractive. Once we have the dish as we wish, it is of special importance to clean any grease or dirt. A clean presentation is the end of a job well done.

con que vino acompañar el jamón ibérico
Jamón ready to serve

The ideal temperature for serving Jamón/ham

When we talk about the temperature of Iberian ham, we are talking about one of the fundamental aspects of its consumption. If we want to enjoy the organoleptic characteristics of a piece to the maximum, we must take into account the temperature at which we are going to taste it. In addition, we must also take into account the temperature of the dish where the ham is to be served in order to obtain a delicious result.

Normally the ideal temperature for slicing ham should be between 20 and 25 degrees, which is usually room temperature. This is when the ham meat releases all its aromas. In addition, an optimum temperature facilitates slicing when sliding the ham knife.

In the same way, we must not only take into account the temperature of the Iberian ham. It is also important to consider the temperature of the plate on which the ham cuts will be placed. It is best for the plate to be at room temperature. In this way we will be able to maintain the ideal heat of the piece of ham as well as allowing it to remain juicy and shiny.

If you have Jamón/ham already sliced, you should remove it from the vacuum and make sure that the ham is at room temperature. It is ready to consume when the slices separate easily without breaking.

Remember that at Enrique Tomás, as the ham lovers that we are, we care about making sure that everyone appreciates its quality and that is why we have prepared slicing packs, a way to enjoy ham with the exact thickness cut both by machine and by knife by the best Jamón masters.

Should we remove the fat when serving the Jamón/ham?

Although there are many people who believe otherwise, it is a mistake to think that we should remove the bacon from each slice of ham when we present it on the plate. The reason why it should not be removed is because of the great flavor it adds to the ham. But not only that, it also contributes to the maintenance and preservation of the piece.

Finally, we encourage you to let your imagination fly and to work your creativity with this jewel of a product of high gastronomic and nutritional value, and in this way you will be able to surprise all your guests.

Do not hesitate to visit our online store and choose yours to start enjoying the art of slicing and serving Iberian ham.

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Serving Jamón/ham on a plate is easy, but there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Otros idiomas: Español


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