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How to take advantage of the ham bone

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In Enrique Tomás we follow this maxime to the letter “let’s make the most of the pig”; if you think like us and don’t want to get rid of anything and try to figure out how to exploit the ham bone, here are some ideas. With these dishes you will put your boots on! with the Pack – Jamón de Pata Negra

Preparations with ham bone

Ham is an excellent flavour enhancer and its fat is a practically encapsulated oil. Thanks to this ingredient your dishes will be full of nuances and, aware of this, the best Spanish chefs have created their own versions of ham dishes, such as Joselito Lab cherries with ham butter.

In the case of the bone, the first thing to keep in mind is that it is important to have the necessary tools to extract it, but if you don’t have them, there is no problem. You can ask for our “travel” packs that come with the best slicing in addition to the bone of the piece cut into pieces or if you prefer, you can also take your ham or shoulder to any of our shops and we will cut it and prepare it in pieces between eight and ten centimetres thick. Once you have packed them, you can freeze them and all you have to do is take them out of the fridge a couple of hours before using them. That said, let’s take a look at two of the best dishes with which to make the most of the ham bone.



Stew with the bone of a ham

The “cocido” is a very typical stew of our gastronomy but in each region it is made in a way and then we will see one of the most popular, that of Madrid.


For four people:

3 liters of water
400 gr. of chickpeas in pots
3 carrots
1 turnip
2 potatoes
2 leeks
700 gr. of veal shank
1 ham bone
1 calf bone
2 cane bones
1 chicken carcass
1 chicken breast
1 piece of bacon
2 small sausages
800 gr. of fine pasta
Ground black pepper


  1. Start by boiling a large pot of water and take advantage of this time to clean the bones and all the meat and vegetables, which you have to peel. As soon as the water reaches boiling temperature, put all the bones, meat and chickpeas in the pot and leave everything on the stove for two hours. Remove the foam that appears on the surface with the help of a skimmer.
  2. After this time, add all the vegetables you have washed and peeled before to the pot and leave to cook for another thirty minutes.
  3. After that your cocido madrileño will be ready but, to serve it as the traditional recipe indicates, you must follow these instructions. First put the vegetables in one dish and the meat in another, the bones can be thrown away.
  4. Take the broth out of the pot and one litre is enough, the rest can be frozen as soon as it cools down for future preparations.
  5. Then, the litre you have put aside, put it back in the pot and add the noodles, after ten minutes they will be ready. Now all you have to do is serve the noodles and then the two bowls with the meat and vegetables, today you will love your menu!

receta de cocido madrileno con jamon

Ham and vegetable broth

It’s normal that during the winter months you don’t do more than ask yourself how to make a good broth with a ham bone to warm up and today, you’re lucky! At Enrique Tomás we’ll explain it to you!


For four people they are:

  • 2 ham bones
  • 300 gr. of Iberian ham shavings
  • 2.5 litres of water
  • 3 large potatoes
  • 4 carrots
  • 1 leek
  • Salt
  • 4 eggs
  • 800 gr. of fine noodles
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano


  1. The first thing you have to do is put a pot with the water to boil and, while you wait, take advantage of it to wash and peel the potatoes and carrots, the leek also has to be rinsed as well as the rosemary.
  2. If the water has already reached the desired temperature, pour all the above into the pot and also put the ham bones and a pinch of oregano and salt. Leave everything on the heat for an hour.
  3. After this time, put another pot of water and, as soon as it comes to the boil, put the eggs inside and leave them for fifteen minutes. After this time, take them out and put them in cold water.
  4. If your broth is already there, remove all the ingredients from the pot with the help of a strainer except the carrots and potatoes and now add the noodles. Leave everything on a medium heat for five minutes and after this time, just serve the broth on the plates.
  5. Finally, peel the eggs, cut them in half and put each of them on the plates together with the ham shavings. Your broth is ready!

As you can see, knowing how to take advantage of the ham bone is very easy so you have no excuse anymore. If the best chefs do it, why don’t you? Throw it away? No way! It’ll give these dishes the touch they need!

And if you’re wondering how to get ham bones, at Enrique Tomás you can do it very easily: next time you order your ham leg, don’t hesitate to ask for the cutting service, either ham or shoulder and enjoy the sachets with ham shavings, ham cubes and a tray of cut bones, perfect for preparing these and other recipes and if not, order directly any of our Travel packs. Let yourself fall in love with our best Iberian hams and take advantage of everything!

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If you want to know how to exploit the ham bone, here are two of the best ideas! Your dishes will be delicious!

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