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Iberian Jamón as a present, original and edible!

Iberian ham to give away - Original gifts in Enrique Tomás

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Sometimes making a good original gift becomes an impossible mission. However, if there is one thing we all agree on, it is that a good gift should be something useful and leave a good impression of who does it to whoever receives it. Iberian ham as a present! If the recipient is a ham lover, he or she will surely be delighted. We encourage you to discover our wide range of possibilities and why we recommend it on our blog!

Original gifts for all tastes

A frequently asked question in our shops is “I want to give a ham as a present, which one do you recommend?”.We’ll give you a detailed answer to explain what kinds of gifts you can give and why, depending on who it’s aimed at, the budget and other important details.

To impress

At Enrique Tomás we always say that the best ham is not necessarily the most expensive. Yet, if you want to impress, without a doubt a piece of Pata Negra Ham, 100% Iberico Bellota Ham, will achieve its goal. This kind of gourmet product is not within the reach of everyone and the Iberian ham as a gift, of the highest quality, will always be a good choice. Our recommendation is that you opt for this type of gift. When the guest is a person expert in the subject of Iberian ham because he or she will know how to appreciate the qualities of the product or simply when you want to make a big suprise!

In business

Choosing the best business gifts can be complicated. If the goal is to thank a good customer or encourage your employees, giving away ham is always a good option. Edible gifts are always welcome and will always allow you to share and continue to talk about the experience once the gift is “used”. In this case, our recommendation is to make smaller ham gifts and instead of whole pieces, we offer you a range of packs and sliced products with which you can brighten up somebody’s day. In addition, if you are looking for something more sophisticated, our tasting boxes and Books of The Ham Experience, are an ideal option. In addition to giving something edible, you will be giving away a delicious gastronomic experience.

Elegant type

If we say that a product is gourmet we are talking about a product that is elegant in itself. And, if you think that ham is not, we invite you to discover our selection of recommended products.  You will find exclusive sachets and packs, such as the famous Glamurós Ham, a super exclusive product by Enrique Tomás!

To spoil someone

Zero appearances, you’re simply looking for a sincere gift that you know will get you an instant smile. Well, that gift has to be ham! At Enrique Tomás we are used to and delighted to be the choice of many for the most original gifts. Examples would be for Mother’s or Father’s Day, and if it’s about spoiling someone we recommend any of our products!. However, we encourage you to create your own packs, one piece, ham holder, knife and wine or the famous Ham Carving Course, a fun moment where you can learn and eat.

Give Iberian ham as a present – everyone will thank you for it!

As you can see, the Iberian ham as a gift is an option that you should not overlook when it comes to making a good gift. There are thousands of options that can be adjusted to the tastes of the person and to all types of budgets.

If you still have doubts when it comes to choosing, don’t forget that Enrique Tomás’ website has a help chat available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. You can talk to professional ham experts about any kind of questions. Also, in any of our stores our team of professionals will also be at your disposal , who can recommend and show you the best products to make unforgettable gifts…


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Did you ever think of making a present with Iberian ham? At Enrique Tomás we have many ideas that will surprise you. Elegant and original gifts and much more.

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