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If I am an athlete, can I eat Jamón/ham?

Ejercicio físico

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The consumption of Jamón brings many benefits to our health thanks to its high content of proteins, vitamin B and minerals such as iron and zinc. This food fits perfectly into a healthy and balanced diet and contributes to improving our cardiovascular health thanks to its healthy fats. In the case of athletes, we all know that protein is an essential nutrient in their diet as it is responsible for building muscle tissue. Likewise, ham is a food that provides us with quality proteins. Therefore, if you do sports and you are wondering if you can eat Jamón/ham, the answer is definitely YES.

Below, we will tell you what role Jamón plays in your diet as an athlete.

Jamón/ham as a protein food 

In the diet of a person who plays sports, protein is essential for the construction of tissues such as muscle tissue. The foods that contain the most protein can be classified into foods of animal origin, where we find meat, fish, cheese and eggs; and those of vegetable origin such as legumes, cereals, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Proteins found in foods of animal origin are usually of better quality and more easily assimilated by the body. This does not mean that you cannot absorb proteins with foods of vegetable origin; in fact, a balanced diet also requires vegetable proteins for the proper functioning of the organism.

Jamón is among the top products with the highest quality protein content. Jamón intake allows us to easily and quickly absorb this type of nutrient. Therefore, if you are an athlete, adding quality low fat Jamón to your healthy recipes will always be a good way to ingest quality protein. 

In short, if we consider our body’s need to include protein of vegetable or animal origin in all meals, as recommended by Harvard Medical School, as we can see in the image, it is obvious that ham can be one of the best options as a protein food of animal origin for our daily meals. Some ideas could be a ham sandwich for breakfast or snack or complete dishes for meals such as beans with ham, scrambled eggs with potatoes and Jamón, salads with some Jamón shavings, etc.

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Source: The Nutrition Source – Harvard University

Eating jamón does not imply too much fat.

In general, there is a phobia of fats because they are considered to be responsible for all our health problems and/or weight gain, and the truth is that our body needs healthy fats to function properly.

In the case of Jamón, there are two types of fat: internal or infiltrated and external. The one we should make the most of is the internal fat, which we call infiltrated fat. We are talking about those small streaks or veins of fat that can be seen within the slices. These streaks do not provide us with an excess of fat or unhealthy fats; on the contrary, it is a healthy fat, known as unsaturated fat, because it is infiltrated in the muscle and provides us with numerous benefits for our health.

On the other hand, if we talk about external fat, this has a protective and preserving function for the Jamón, and should not be consumed in excess. This fat is the one that surrounds the Jamón leg and must be removed, especially the yellow one, leaving a very thin white edge at the most.

To learn more about it, we recommend our blogpost: “Is ham fat unhealthy?

A good combo: quality proteins and healthy fats.

This combination means that eating ham benefits you in many ways. On the one hand, it fulfills structural functions for the organism thanks to protein such as tissue construction. On the other hand, its healthy fat content allows the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and favors the proper functioning of the immune system, among other functions.

Of course, in the diet of an athlete or any person, not only proteins and healthy fats are necessary, but each nutrient has its own functions in the body, so that the diet should be complete and balanced.

The basis of a healthy diet should focus on the intake of real and quality foods, which are those that will provide us with macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins or healthy fats, and micronutrients such as vitamins or minerals, which we need to gain in health.

Arroz salvaje, quinoa, manzana y jamón

If you are looking for a low-calorie and low-fat diet, we also have the solution for you

Jamón Zero Cero Enrique Tomás

If you follow a specific slimming diet or a high-protein and low-fat diet for athletes, and you do not want to give up a food as delicious as jamón, you can choose to buy Jamón Cero Zero made especially for people like you by our expert slicers. This ham is extracted from the boneless center of the ham, from the part closest to the bone where there is no external fat.

After a study carried out by our experts, we saw that the qualities of the Jamón Gran Reserva and the two Iberian breed hams, both the Jamón cebo de campo ibérico and the Jamón Bellota 50% Ibérico, made it possible to obtain a jamón with the nutritional qualities necessary to call it Jamón Cero Zero.

So we set to work to give our customers what they need to continue to enjoy eating Jamón, without remorse or bad conscience. This Jamón can be consumed by everyone who wants to take better care of their figure or who follows a strict low-fat, high-protein diet.

It is a Jamón/ham with very low fat and sugar content and very high in protein level. It is a very cured ham/jamón ibérico that has all the advantages to be able to follow a strict diet without struggling, either for health reasons or for the practice of a sport, and without having to give up the delicious gastronomic pleasure of jamón!

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Eating Jamón provides many benefits in the diet of athletes thanks to its high protein content. We tell you all the details.

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