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Is it the same Pata Negra as Iberian ham?

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Surely you have heard someone talk about Pata Negra ham and you have wondered, is it the same Pata Negra as Iberian ham? The answer is NO and there’s no one better than us, masters in this field and ham lovers for years, to explain everything you need to know about the differences!

What is Iberian ham?

The Iberian ham is all the cured ham that is obtained from the meat of the Iberian pigs which are typical of our peninsula; regardless of the racial animal percentage or its feeding. Following thes latter aspects we can distinguish between:

Cured according to food

  • Iberico Bellota ham- Jamón Ibérico de Bellota
  • Iberico de Cebo ham -Jamón Ibérico de Cebo

According to racial purity

  • 50% Iberian ham
  • 75% Iberian ham
  • 100% Iberian Ham

Regardless of both aspects, the Iberian ham brings together all the varieties of cured pigs from the Iberian Peninsula. Yet the Pata Negra refers only to that 100% Iberian ham, considered to be of the highest quality.

Cerdo ibérico pata negra comiendo bellotas

Iberian pigs in the pastureland eating acorns

And the Pata Negra (black hoof) ham?

Most importantly, it is popularly known as Pata Negra to the 100% Iberico Bellota ham, i.e, that which is obtained from pigs fed on acorns and natural herbs, who have made the montanera season and who are descended from two Iberian progenitors.

The colour of their hoof is the reason why they are called by this name. Nevertheless it should be noted that it does not always have to be black. Some pigs of other species, such as Duroc, may also have a hoof of this colour. On the other hand, sometimes those of the breed of our peninsula may not have this color, although it is unusual. Therefore, this genetic factor cannot help us to distinguish between a pig of the Iberian breed and another of another species, the best thing is to look at the composition of the leg. If it is long and stylish, it will be Iberian.

De Pata Negra - Glosario Enrique Tomás

Thus, is the pata negra ham the best Iberian ham?

The Pata Negra ham is of the highest quality but in Enrique Tomás we always say that there are no Iberian hams better than others. You will actually like them more or less depending on your taste, the best ham is the one you like the most!. The 50% Iberico de Cebo has a milder and less oily taste than the Pata Negra ham.  The diet based on acorn favors the infiltration of fat in the muscle of the Iberian pigs.  The 50% Iberico de Cebo is obtained from pigs fed with feed that, in addition, only have one father of this species being generally the mother. Therefore, although they will make the fat infiltration in the same way, the final result will be a less juicy meat than other Iberian types.

In short, is Pata Negra the same as Iberian ham?

Certainly it is not, but you don’t have to buy pata negra to enjoy a good Iberian ham. If you are looking for a soft and not very oily product, the 50% Iberico de Cebo is the best option while if you want one with a little more flavour and nuances, the 75% Iberico de Bellota is what you need. As you can see, there are as many as tastes, so be the one to decide which ham is the best.

In our shops and on our website you will find them all!

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Is it the same Pata Negra as Iberian ham? The answer is NO, and Enrique Tomás will explain the reason why. Then you decide!

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