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Is Jamón Gran Reserva for dinner fattening?

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You’ve probably heard that ham, specifically Gran Reserva ham, is fattening and that since it comes from pork and this meat is bad for your health, ham will also fatten you up and you’ll automatically discard it from your diet, especially if you follow a weight loss diet. Well, nothing is further from the truth, and from Enrique Tomás we are going to explain to you why this is not true and you can buy Gran Reserva ham whenever you want, and without any remorse!

Is Gran Reserva ham fattening?

It is well known that Gran Reserva ham is the product par excellence of Spanish gastronomy and in general we all fall in love with its taste and variety, so much so that it is a basic product in most homes on the Iberian Peninsula, and more and more homes in other countries are including it as an indispensable delicacy to be imported from our country.

It is also known that, because it comes from the pig, we already associate it with the excess of fat and with many calories, and if we want to take care of our weight or to lose weight we deprive ourselves of it totally. To say that Gran Reserva ham is fattening is true, but like everything we eat, if we do it in excess. We have to take into account that 100 gr of Gran Reserva ham contain about 240 calories and about 13 grams of fat, it seems a lot, but when we take off that external and superficial fat we are left with about 200 calories of a delicious cured ham that, besides, will provide us with vitamins and minerals that our organism needs.


Historia del jamón.

Our Jamón Gran Reserva – The best Gran Reserva ham

Our Zero Zero Gran Reserva ham

The revolution of the lightest ham has arrived with the Zero Zero Gran Reserva Ham by Enrique Tomás. You can buy the ham that does not fatten on its own or in different packs in our online shop. A ham that comes from the central part of the bone of our Gran Reserva Ham, pure protein, no fat and the usual flavour.

So what we don’t have to do is take in more calories than necessary each day to keep our weight down and follow a balanced diet without ever giving up ham, if we want to continue to have all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Can you eat ham, then, if you are on a diet? Of course you can and you’ll do very well.

The only objection we could make to Gran Reserva ham is its level of salt, which is higher than that of Iberian ham. In the case of people with high blood pressure, there may be a problem, so it is advisable to consult your family doctor. But if this is your case, don’t worry, I’m sure your doctor will recommend that you eat Iberian ham because not only does it have less salt, but it will also help to regulate your cholesterol, which is also the enemy of hypertension.

So what we don’t have to do is eat more calories than we need per day to maintain our weight and follow a balanced diet without ever giving up ham, if we want to continue enjoying all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Can you eat ham if you are on a diet? Of course you can and you will do very well.

So, can we have Gran Reserva ham for dinner?

Of course you can, we hope that now you have no doubts. You can have dinner, lunch or breakfast ham according to your preference, without ever forgetting that it is not so much the when as the how: the accompaniments can be much more caloric than ham and above all take into account the excesses, they are always not recommended whatever the ingredient.

To give you some ideas, here you will find several recipes in which you can combine the delicious ham with other low-calorie foods, such as some colourful cold skewers for dinner, now that the good weather is coming, or a good ham sandwich for breakfast, and at Enrique Tomás we reveal the secret to doing it well and getting you to lick your fingers.

Enjoy then eating ham when you feel like it without fear of getting fat. Its benefits are many and the pleasure it will give you is undeniable. And what better way to end the day than with a plate of good ham and a glass of wine!

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Have you ever wondered if Serrano ham for dinner is fattening? Well, no it isn't, and if you follow our suggestions, you will enjoy it without remorse

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