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Jamón Ibérico and beer pairing. You will love it!

maridaje de jamon iberico y cerveza

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Imagine yourself during the summer months in the sun, with light clothes and glasses on, on a terrace near the beach with your friends and, of course, a very fresh beer in your hand, with just the right amount of foam, a good plate of Jamón Ibérico and some bread toasts; why do you want to go on holiday? Well, there’s no need! In Enrique Tomás we are going to explain how to get a good pairing of Jamón Ibérico and beer to enjoy these small pleasures at any time, let’s go for it!

What beers best match the Jamón Ibérico?

The fact that wine and ham go hand in hand is well known, since you have probably enjoyed both pleasures together on more than one occasion, but what about beer? This elixir of the gods made with malt has the ability to enhance the nuances of the Iberian ham and its acid touch combines perfectly with one of our most international delicacies.

When choosing between some beers and others, we advise you to bet on the lager ones, which are generally light, but also ales or craft beer go well with the Jamón.

  1. Lager: this type of beer is usually clear and what makes it similar to each other is its low cold fermentation. Brands such as San Miguel, Mahou, Estrella Damm, Xibeca, Moritz or Moritz Epidor are lager and we encourage you to try them with your favourite Jamón Ibérico de Cebo or Jamón Ibérico de Bellota.
  2. Ales: in this case we are not talking about fermentation, but about colour and flavour. If you like a little stronger beers, such as Amber Expert or 1906 Red Vintage, a special edition of Estrella Galicia, you’re lucky because they won’t hide the taste of the jamón but quite the opposite! The nuances of both products will go hand in hand.
  3. Dark: they can be of different fermentations although in the case of the Bock Damm, the most popular Spanish black, the fermentation is low. Another black beer that you can combine Jamón Ibérico with is the Buckler.
  4. Craft: those who declare themselves fanatics of artisanal beers usually do so because they seek to find in this market some very original nuances, and that’s the way it is. The Montseny Mala Vida Chili, a spicy black wine; the Gredos Cerveza, with malt whisky; the Milana Bonita, with fruity and flowery notes; the Art Orus, a bit bitter, or the Virgen de las Castañas, a special edition of La Virgen, are just some of the many craft beers that we recommend at Enrique Tomás. Believe us, we know what we’re talking about.

tipos de cerveza que maridan con jamon

And, how do you enjoy both pleasures?

In Enrique Tomás we like to bet on the small pleasures of life. Therefore, we recommend you to avoid eccentricities and enjoy these delicacies in the simplest way. Drink the beer very fresh, in a glass or directly from the bottle, whichever you prefer. Once you have decided whether you prefer Jamón Ibérico de Cebo or Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, slice it and serve it on a plate at room temperature. If you have purchased a vacuum-packed sachet, open it and let it breathe until you see the slices separating naturally from each other and pass them to the plate.

To finish this small snack and enjoy to the fullest the pairing of Iberian ham and beer, we advise you to also serve some Picos Sevillanos that will serve to clean the palate and enjoy each slice and each drink as if they were the first. What a delight!

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Imagine yourself during the summer months in the sun, with light clothes and glasses on, on a terrace near the beach with your friends and, of course, a very fresh beer in your hand,

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