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Jamón Ibérico for celebrations

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Iberian jamon is very important in Spanish celebrations.It is a symbol of our gastronomy and has become a much appreciated product because of its high quality, artisanal production and gastronomic qualities. Therefore, it is considered a “gourmet” product, ideal to be introduced into any celebration. In this post we are going to talk about the role of jamón in celebrations. We will provide you with recipes with jamón for any event, with the best accompaniments for jamón. Last but not least, we will help you choose the best jamón for your celebration. Ready? Let’s get started!

Jamón is a symbol of celebration

That jamón is intimately linked to Spanish gastronomy and culture is an indisputable fact. Many centuries have passed since jamón has been part of Spanish cuisine, to the point of becoming a national symbol, very present in celebrations. Even in the Roman Empire or in the Middle Ages, jamón was consumed as a symbol of celebration and this fact has continued to this day.

A plate of Iberian jamón, a must at celebrations

Iberian jamón is unique in the world, there is no other like it because it can only be made from the Iberian pig, a breed that is bred exclusively in the Iberian Peninsula and with genetic traits that make it special and ideal as a culinary delight. Moreover, its development is millennial and has been handed down from generation to generation by master jamón manufacturers who are faithful to their own tradition.

This uniqueness of the jamón makes it the perfect choice for any special occasion. It becomes the star of our tables during celebrations such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings, family meals and meetings with friends.

El jamón ibérico para las celebraciones
Jamón for celebrations

How to present Iberian jamón at celebrations?

This delicatessen product of our gastronomy is usually presented on the plate in a uniform way, taking into account that the cut of each slice is very important. Depending on how it is cut, it will attract more or less attention. Sometimes one slice is enough to make us salivate.

The slice considered perfect for jamón plating is a very thin slice in thickness and not too big, just enough for our palate to embrace it fully. Each cut must have a similar shape to attain symmetry and harmony on the plate.

The perfect number of slices is between 20 and 25 per plate, or approximately 80/100 grams. Once you have learned to make the perfect slice to make an exquisite presentation of jamón, you will need to decide on which plate to place the jamón slices. We recommend that you do so on a light-colored plate so that the red of the jamón stands out, in a round shape to place the slices in the most elegant way and from the outside to the inside as you are slicing. A tip is to place the white part of the slice towards the inside of the plate. That way, it will be easier to collect the slices and the dish will be more striking.

Recipe ideas with Iberian jamón for celebrations

Jamón can not only be eaten alone, as we have presented in the previous point, it can also be a good option as an ingredient in some gourmet recipes that fit in with your celebration. Here, from Enrique Tomás we present you some options that you will love.

Endive boats with jamón

Iberian jamón tartar

Tomato carpaccio with Iberian jamón and parmesan cheese

Quince rolls with Iberian jamón and cheese

Baked potatoes with jamón

Melon skewers with jamón

The best accompaniments for Iberian jamón

How to choose the best accompaniments to make the flavor of Iberian jamón even more special? It is very important to know which is the best beverage to accompany the Iberian jamón, because the association or pairing of jamón can undoubtedly make our experience even more surprising.

Contrast pairing

As its name suggests, the match is composed of the union of two elements with very different characteristics, almost opposite, that complement each other perfectly.This kind of pairing is ideal if your intention is to risk a lot more, because it will also allow you to achieve a much more surprising effect.In this case, we are talking about sweet and fresh white wine, cava and beer.

Accompanying pairings

If your passion is that flavors merge together into one, this pairing will be your favorite. This type of pairing seeks to combine similar sensations and aromas in order to make both melt into a whole. To achieve this sensation, it is ideal to combine jamón with mild red wines and some whites. Yet, you have to be careful, because the intensity of one of them can diminish the nuances of the meat and vice versa cancel out the taste of the wine.

In the cellar of Enrique Tomás you will find other options of red and white wines, as well as high quality cavas. In addition, we have created our own wine pairing. Discover it!

Spanish Tapas

If we talk about other foods as accompaniments, without a doubt, one of the best options are the Spanish tapas. The world of tapas in Spain is endless. There are as many types of tapas as gastronomic products.  Furthermore, each region of Spain has its most famous and typical tapas, according to its own gastronomic tradition and culture. They are made of fish (mussels, squid, anchovies, boquerones), meat, jamón. There are different types of tortilla, the famous Spanish olives, very delicious vegetables and amazing patatas bravas, amongst others.

Choosing the type of jamón for your celebration

To choose which type of jamón is most suitable for your celebration, we recommend that you consult the types of Enrique Tomás jamón. There is no one better than another. We know that 100% Iberian acorn-fed jamón is the best quality jamón. However, this does not mean that it is the one you will like the most, nor does it mean that it is the only good alternative when it comes to buying a jamón. It will depend on your taste and what you want to use it for. To choose well, see: How can I choose a good Iberian jamón?

If you like to let yourself go, at Enrique Tomás, as jamón experts, we will help you find the perfect jamón for you. Contact us via our live chat on the web and we will advise you in the best way.

Jamón ibérico for celebrations
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Jamón ibérico for celebrations
Learn about the role of ham in celebrations, we talk about ham recipe ideas for important events, which are the best ham accompaniments and we help you choose the best Iberian ham for celebrations. Ready? Let's get started!
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