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Jamón Ibérico, Spain’s most delicatessen tapa

rollos calabacin tapa gourmet

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If you have ever traveled to Spain, you already know that tapas are a worldwide attraction and a very good option to enjoy a good dinner or a shared meal. Spanish Jamón -Iberian ham-, within the world of “tapas”, takes the limelight because it is the most delicatessen Spanish tapa.

Jamón Ibérico as a “gourmet” Spanish tapa

The high gastronomic value of Jamón ibérico -Iberian ham- takes it away from the typical homemade and simple “tapas”, such as “patatas bravas” or croquettes, although if they contain Enrique Tomás Jamón its flavor will be enriched to the maximum. For this reason, we cannot find authentic, quality Jamón Ibérico just anywhere. There are only a few establishments that are able to offer this product at 100% quality and meet the customer’s expectations.

In Enrique Tomás stores, which are located around the world in airports or in city centers, we offer a selection of the best Spanish Jamón/ham to taste, in the way you feel like at that moment. You will have to choose between the different types of Iberian hams: Jamón de Campo Ibérico, Jamón Bellota Iberico Premium, the latter popularly known as “pata negra”. Let our expert ham experts advise you and taste this gastronomic jewel in the best way.

Dallas mesa de corte
Our Jamón -slicing experts in our Location in Dallas

The different ways to enjoy Jamón Ibérico

As we have said, Iberian ham is much more than a tapa and can be eaten in a thousand different ways. We are going to tell you which are the most common, ideal and easy ways to enjoy 100% of a gourmet product like this one and help your health at the same time.

We start from the certainty that Jamón can be consumed at any time of the day, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, of course, as a snack. Depending on the time of day, it can be eaten as a sandwich, in cubes as a tapa, in slices as an appetizer, or using its cubes or jamón shavings in any recipe. You can enjoy it at any time, you just have to choose the format that suits you best according to the time of day and according to the dish.

Jamón Ibérico in a sandwich

A Jamón Ibérico sandwich is always a good choice, either as breakfast, for lunch or as a snack at any time of the day. Iberian ham lets go a kind of oil that gives the sandwich a unique mellowness and flavor. In addition, its properties make it one of the healthiest cured meats to include in our sandwiches.

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Sandwich with Enrique Tomás’ Jamón Ibérico

Sliced Iberian ham as a gourmet tapa

The best way to savor the authentic taste of Iberian ham is to eat it only in slices. The essence of eating a good Jamón is not only that it is a good product and of good quality, but also in the cut. Therefore, in this case it is very important that the cut is well done. The best slice is the one that our palate welcomes in an easy way, without hardly making an effort to chew, the slice melts in a cascade of aromas and tastes.

This dish of Jamón Ibérico can be accompanied with some bread sticks. They help to accompany, they are satiating and their texture allows them to be a great cleanser of our palate, especially when we eat Jamón. Why? Because it cleans our tongue of salt and excess fat and prepares us for the next bite. And they are delicious!

La tapa española más delicatessen
The most delicatessen Spanish Tapa

Jamón Ibérico as a key element in recipes

Jamón Ibérico is the great protagonist of Spanish cuisine. It is present in countless recipes where its role is essential, either as a main ingredient or as a complement. It gives life and flavor to each recipe and, in addition, enhances its gastronomic value. What is most commonly used to prepare these dishes are Iberian ham cubes or shavings. These are the formats in which the authentic flavor of Iberian ham stands out the most, and this is due to the area from which it comes. The shavings or cubes are extracted from the area of the ham leg closest to the bone, and therefore have a more intense flavor.

We give you some ideas as inspiration so that you can prepare the best Iberian ham recipes yourself.

Zucchini tapa with Jamón Ibérico and Emmenthal

Cut a zucchini into thin slices and grill them with a little olive oil until they have a golden color, have ready on a plate some slices of Jamón Ibérico Enrique Tomás with a slice of Emmenthal cheese or similar on top, put a little oregano and a basil leaf. Place the freshly made zucchini on another serving plate and put the ham and cheese on top, wait a few minutes for the cheese to melt a little (better if you cover it). Then roll up the zucchini and place them on the plate as in the photo, you can finish decorating with a little balsamic vinegar cream, ready to serve and enjoy! A super healthy and super tasty gourmet tapa – and super easy!

tapa goumet calabacín con jamón
Zucchini Tapa with Jamón Ibérico

Jamón Ibérico Rolls with brie cheese

With just a good Iberian ham, cream cheese (it can be any type of brie or other creamy cheese) and capers, you have a delicious tapa. Place the slices of ham stretched on the plate, mix the cheese with the capers and put the mixture generously on each slice of ham. Roll up tightly but making sure that the cream stays well inside the ham, ready to put a delicious tapa in your mouth!

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Jamón Ibérico Rolls with Brie cheese

Scrambled eggs with Jamón Ibérico and sweet potatoes

Fry some eggs in a frying pan with olive oil. In a griddle or frying pan poach some thin slices of sweet potato with a little thyme. Place the eggs and the sweet potato on a plate, put some slices of Iberian ham and some arugula and/or basil leaves on top. Now you have an exquisite, easy and healthy tapa or dish.

receta tapa gourmet USA huevos con boniato
Delicious eggs on a plate with Jamón Ibérico and sweet potatoes

Garden Montadito with Jamón Ibérico

Even easier. This tapa can be eaten at any time, including breakfast because of its energetic contribution of vitamins and antioxidants. Toast some baguette bread, it can also be wholemeal and with seeds, put some olive oil, some thin slices of ripe tomato, put some oregano on top and then to finish, some slices of iberian shoulder or Iberian ham, but it can also be the Jamón Gran Reserva from Enrique Tomás, the non-Iberian Jamón but super tasty. Let’s eat! It is also a balanced snack for young and old alike.

montadito jamon y tomate
Garden Montadito with Jamón Ibérico

Now you know that Jamón Ibérico is much more than any tapa, it is a gourmet product, of high gastronomic value and healthy and that -due to its versatility- can be consumed in many ways and at any time. Do not hesitate to visit our online store and choose yours to start enjoying the most delicatessen Spanish tapa at home.

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If you have ever traveled to Spain, you already know that tapas are a worldwide attraction and a very good option to enjoy a good dinner or a shared meal.

Otros idiomas: Español


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