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Original baked recipes with jamón

Recetas originales al horno con jamón

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At this time of year we are usually looking for the perfect recipe to surprise our family and friends at Christmas gatherings. We all want to offer the most gourmet ingredients to our guests and also take advantage of the products in our Christmas jamónpers. Although there are also thousands of ideas for Christmas appetisers and starters, in this post we are going to talk about some original baked jamón recipes.

6 ideas for original baked recipes with jamón

In winter, this type of hot recipes prepared in the oven are very appetising. Some may be more elaborate or expensive, but others are really simple. In many cases, all you need is a little patience and time for the oven to do its job. Let’s take a look at these original recipes with jamón!

1. Pumpkin lasagne with jamón and cheese

This lasagne is an alternative to the typical Italian lasagne. It is a healthier, lighter and more original dish for this time of year.

We include seasonal products such as pumpkin, which lightens the dish by replacing one of the main ingredients such as pasta. We also replace minced meat with cured meat by adding Enrique Tomás Jamón Gran Reserva to the recipe. We chose it because it is a selected Gran Reserva jamón of extraordinary quality. This product will provide that contrast of flavours between sweet and salty together with the pumpkin and will add a touch of intensity to the recipe. To bind it all together, we chose cream cheese and a touch of grated semi-cured cheese mixture on top that fits perfectly.

Learn how to prepare this recipe step by step!

Lasaña de calabaza, jamón y queso
Pumpkin, jamón and cheese lasagne

2. Vegetable quiche with jamón

Another original baked recipe is the vegetable quiche with jamón. This type of French tart has become very popular in recent years. Its original preparation is sweet and is made from beaten eggs and heavy cream. In our case, we have added savoury ingredients to this mixture, such as vegetables or jamón, typical products of Mediterranean cuisine.

For our quiche we have chosen: courgette, mushrooms, Iberian jamón (either sliced or diced), onion and leek. And we add the finishing touch with a little Parmesan cheese. You will see that this combination of ingredients combines perfectly and is to the liking of most diners – an excellent choice!

Quiche de verduras con jamón y setas II
Vegie Quiche with jamón and mushrooms

3. Baked potatoes with jamón

The potatoes are baked in the oven with Jamón and Enrique Tomás jamón cubes or Jamón shavings. Both products add flavour and originality to the dish. We choose the leek because its flavour is a little milder than that of the onion, but it serves to give it that special touch. On the other hand, the Jamón cubes provide a more intense flavour as they are obtained from the meat closest to the bone.

Learn how to prepare this popular recipe our way step by step.

Patatas al horno con jamón y queso
Baked potatoes with jamón and cheese

4. Christmas turkey

At this time of year, if we are talking about original baked recipes, the typical Christmas turkey is a must. One of the most typical dishes at this festive time of year. It may seem difficult to cook, but if you follow our step-by-step recipe, it will be exquisite. What is the originality of our proposal? Cooking a rich and tasty stuffing with the addition of our star product: Iberian jamón.

Learn how to cook it with us so that it has an unbeatable flavour and the turkey is juicy and very tender. The touch of jamón will add an intense flavour to the stuffing and will make the contrast of sweet and savoury even more evident.

Prepare your Christmas turkey from our instructions.

Pavo de Navidad Enrique Tomás

5. Gnocchi with mushroom and jamón sauce

This is not in itself a recipe that is prepared in the oven, but it does help us to give it that final touch to make it an absolutely delicious dish.

Gnocchi, originally called gnocchis, come from Italian cuisine and are a typical dish that can be accompanied with various types of sauces and products. In this case, we have chosen the mushroom sauce and we give it added value by incorporating “diced Iberian jamón”. As you know, the concentration of flavour in these small pieces of Iberian jamón is exceptional.

Finally, in the preparation, we give it our final touch with the gratin. You’ll lick your fingers! Find out how to prepare this simple recipe.

Ñoquis con salsa de setas, jamón ibérico y parmesano
Gnocchi with mushrooms, Iberian Jamón and parmesan sauce

6. Jamón and cheese vol-au-vents

The last original Enrique Tomás baked recipe is the Christmas “volovanes” stuffed with Iberian jamón and cheese. They are a classic as they are perfect to serve as an appetizer on these special occasions. As for the choice of ingredients, in this case we have opted for the most traditional: jamón and cheese, which the little ones love! Even so, the difference lies in the quality of the products: choose the Iberian jamón you like best, the little ones love it! We recommend a recipe that you will love: Homemade puff pastry vol-au-vents.

Volavanes rellenos de jamón y queso
Vol-au-vents stuffed with Jamón and cheese
Original baked recipes with jamón
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Original baked recipes with jamón
Learn how to prepare 6 original baked recipes with jamón and surprise your guests during the festive season.
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