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Preserving Jamón: frequently asked questions

Curiosidades del jamón

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When you decide to buy Jamón, there are many questions you may have about how to preserve it correctly in order to keep its nutritional properties and flavours intact. That is why, at Enrique Tomás, as Jamón experts, we are going to tell you all the tricks, tips and most important recommendations about Jamón preservation. This way, when you get the piece home, you will be able to make the most of it and get the best flavor in each slice.

Recommend ations and guidelines for the preservation of Enrique Tomás Jamón

In order for you to enjoy your Jamón or Paleta purchase to the fullest, it is important that you take into account a series of recommendations for preserving the piece, whether whole or sliced. Enrique Tomás Jamón is a product of excellent quality, which has been treated by our Jamón experts day after day with care, dedication and know-how. In addition, with the guarantee label, we assure you that your Jamón is at its optimum point of consumption, ready to give pleasure to all your senses. For this reason, it is essential that you preserve it in the best possible way, so that you can enjoy it the way it should.

Jamón or Paleta (whole piece)

Storage conditions

Keep the piece hanging, without the netting or greaseproof paper, in a dark, cool place. Once it gets to your home it is at its curing point, so it is not advisable to wait many days to start it and enjoy the intensity of its flavors and aromas to the maximum.

Instructions for use

Cured products can be consumed directly. We recommend slicing a little Jamón each day so that its flavor, color and texture remain fine over time. Once the cut is finished, DO NOT cover the sliced part with its own fat, but with a transparent film or a clean lint-free cotton cloth, until the next use.

Expiration and shelf life

Consume your piece as soon as possible as it is at its best curing point. If this is not possible soon, follow the storage conditions. Once the piece has been started, it is recommended to consume it within 15 days, or three weeks, especially in the case of whole Jamón, in order to enjoy the optimum conditions of both the Jamón and Paleta.

Sliced pieces and other sliced products such as cured meats / charcuterie

Storage conditions

Should be kept refrigerated between 3 to 8ºC.

Instructions for use

Remove from refrigeration and vacuum packaging and leave at room temperature for a few minutes (15 to 30 min. approx.) before consumption. It will be ready when the slices separate without breaking.

Expiration and shelf life

Since it is sliced and vacuum packed, it has a long shelf life when refrigerated. Always check the expiration date on the label.  Once opened, keep it for 3 days refrigerated at 0-5ºC.

Questions related to Jamón preservation

Where do you start slicing the jamón?

The Jamón should be started by placing the hoof downwards, since the part we will begin to cut is the most cured, and therefore we allow time for the wider parts to cure a little more. In any case, everything will depend on the use you make of the piece and the amount of ham you plan to cut daily. If you want to know how to open a ham and get the most out of it, visit our blog.

How long does a jamón usually last?

Once it arrives at our homes, it is ready for consumption and it is advisable not to wait too long before consuming it, if we do not want it to dry out too much and lose its wonderful aroma and flavors. On the other hand, if the ham is a started ham, the time will be decided according to its weight. A 7 kg ham should last about sixteen days in summer while in winter it could be longer. In the case of a 4.5 kg paleta (shoulder), it should last about ten days in summer and fifteen in winter. In any case, we recommend consuming it as soon as possible once it has been opened, and remember that it is important to cut ham every day so that the piece remains in good condition!

How do I maintain the properties of the Jamón once it has been opened?

If you have bought a whole piece, it is important to cut the ham at least once a day, from the part that has already been opened. You should also cover it with a lint-free cloth so that the ham is not exposed to light and is as little exposed to the air as possible. We never recommend covering the open part with bacon (fat) since the ham undergoes a “sponge effect” changing the flavor, worsening its oxygenation and aroma.

We hope that this information and recommendations will be useful to you, to preserve and consume in the best way, the piece of ham or shoulder, either whole or sliced, as well as any type of sliced jamón that you receive from our online store.

For more information you can visit our blog. In the post “Frequently asked questions about Jamón” you will find all the answers to your questions and if you want to improve your slicing technique or learn how to slice correctly, visit our youtube channel.

You can also get in touch with our assistants in the live chat that you will find on the Enrique Tomás website.

Conservación del jamón: preguntas frecuentes
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Conservación del jamón: preguntas frecuentes
Learn all the tricks, tips and most important decisions about the conservation of jamón. This way, when the ham arrives at your home you will be able to make the most of it and get the best flavor in each slice.
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Enrique Tomás
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Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano


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