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Salad ideas with jamón

Ensalada Campera con Jamón

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With the good weather what we most fee like having are light and refreshing dishes, those recipes that we can prepare in a short time and spend less time in the kitchen but that, at the same time, give us good results and contain all the necessary nutrients. Mediterranean salads meet all these requirements. Here are 8 ideas for salads with jamón.

These types of recipes have the advantage that they can be taken everywhere: put them in a reusable tupperware and go wherever you want! The park, the beach, to work… everywhere is a good place to eat a tasty salad. Whether you’re on vacation or not, preparing a nice salad is always an ideal option.

8 salad ideas

Country salad

The typical country salad is one of the best known and most popular recipes in Spain. The base of the dish is the potato combined with vegetables such as onion or tomato and with some canned fish such as tuna. In our case, we wanted to provide the differential value by adding Iberian jamón (Jamón ibérico), one of the star products of our gastronomy. The jamón, with its nutritional properties, provides the protein part of the dish, together with the boiled egg, an element that can never be missing in a country salad.

Discover the step by step to prepare this salad!

Ensalada campera

Burrata salad

Burrata salad is a fresh and healthy recipe, ideal for summer days. Its preparation is very simple and quick. In this case, the added value of the dish lies in the quality of each product: seasonal tomatoes, Italian “burrata” cheese, natural and fresh basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil and, of course, the small pieces of Jamón de Bellota Ibérico that add uniqueness and intensity of flavor to the recipe. 

How do we prepare it at Enrique Tomás? We tell you all about it!

Ensalada de Burrata

Goat cheese salad

Goat cheese salad is a delicious dish that in recent years has become popular in the Spanish gastronomy. In fact, it is one of the dishes that cannot miss on the menu of any restaurant. Each chef has his/her own proposal and the combination of ingredients to prepare this salad can be infinite. It is typical to add fruits such as strawberries, grapes or red fruits -which combine perfectly with cheese. It is also common to add dried fruits such as seeds or nuts and ingredients of animal origin such as bacon, jamón, eggs, etc. 

In this case, we have opted for a minimalist proposal, where goat cheese and Iberian jamón are the main ingredients. To accompany it we use pumpkin seeds and, of course, extra virgin olive oil, another Mediterranean ingredient that should always be included.

Easy and quick preparation, in only 10 minutes you will have it ready.

Ensalada de queso de cabra

Fresh salad with spinach leaves

In this case, we present a proposal that you can prepare not only in this summer season, but it is ideal for the whole year. A light and fresh salad with jamón where we add timeless products such as radish, apple and spinach leaves.

Let’s go through the step by step of this dish!

Ensalada ligera y fresca con jamón

Endive boats

A very original salad idea in a different format. Endive offers infinite possibilities, in fact, if we separate its leaves and place them in the shape of a “little boat” we can introduce a combination of ingredients on its surface and enjoy 100% eating them. In this case, in Enrique Tomás we bet on fresh and delicious ingredients: endives with Iberian jamón, pear, cheese and mixed nuts.

A representation of Mediterranean cuisine that is both tasty and healthy thanks to the nutritional properties of each food. The differential touch in flavor is provided by the Jamón ibérico-shavings , in combination with the sweetness of the pear or nuts.

Discover how to cook this recipe step by step.

Barquitas de endivias con jamón

Wild rice salad

Let your imagination run wild to create salad ideas! Salad with a rice base also gives very good results. In this case, we have chosen to combine wild rice with quinoa, cherry tomatoes, Iberian jamón and apple. A combination of ingredients that provide us with all the necessary nutrients and, in addition, it is delicious.

We show you all the steps of the recipe in our blog.

Arroz salvaje, quinoa, manzana y jamón

Bean, sweet potato and Iberian jamón salad

This bean-based salad is ideal in autumn, when sweet potatoes are in full season. However, we also love it in summer because it is full of color and flavor. You can include it in your weekly menus and take it with you everywhere. Eat healthy by combining excellent quality ingredients such as these: beans, sweet potato and Iberian jamón.

Go to the step-by-step preparation.

Ensalada de judías, boniato y jamón ibérico

Lentil salad with vegetables

The lentil-based salad is also an ideal choice, legumes besides being carbohydrates also provide us with protein, so they are a very complete food. Likewise, we choose green bell pepper, red bell pepper, tomato and carrot to accompany this recipe. They are tasty Mediterranean vegetables, protagonists in countless salads and key to prepare many stir-fries. Finally, we add the star ingredient: “Gran Reserva” jamón, or as it is popularly known: “Jamón Serrano”. This type of jamón will add a lot of flavor to the dish and will give it a salty and intense touch.

Learn how to prepare the recipe step by step.

Ensalada de lentejas con jamón

Do you already know which one you want to start developing your culinary skills? From these salad ideas, make your own versions and share them with your family and friends. Discover many more recipes on our blog! In addition, you can buy jamón in our online store in the format you prefer to start cooking or just enjoying this gastronomic jewel.

Salad ideas with jamón
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Salad ideas with jamón
Here are 8 ideas for salads with Jamón. Light, refreshing recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Click here!
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