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Silver service breakfast with Enrique Tomás

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We are sure that you’ve heard a lot of times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting the day with the right energy is vital if we want to cope with long hours of work, study and also if we are to help those who need us most, whether they are parents, children, students, partners, etc. We have to charge our bodies in the same way we do with our cellphones or laptops. At Enrique Tomás, breakfast is especially appealing, who does not like a sandwich of Iberian ham with toasted bread, in baguette or cereal bread or in the appetizing Tomasitos, that is, in Antequera rolls. Just thinking about it, it makes our mouths water. If you like to have breakfast using cutlery better, at Enrique Tomás we also have a list of possibilities, with or without ham. But, if you are a lover of this gastronomic marvel of ours, you are in the right place.

The importance of breakfast

When we wake up, after several hours of rest, our body has to be reactivated, it needs energy mainly because the sleep has made some minerals and vitamins stockpile and therefore in the morning we walk a little bit scarce of them and we have to replace them.

Not having breakfast or barely having a coffee is not good enough for our organism which will put its state in energy saving mode, if we keep using the same cellphone simile, and it will not give 100% of its capacity neither physical nor intellectual. Therefore, if we are dealing with people in the growth phase, it is even more important and necessary to provide the nutrients needed to start the day in full capacity. In order to perform better and at full capacity in our daily activities we should all start the day with a good breakfast. Moreover, the breakfasts of our Mediterranean diet are among the most recommended by nutritionists.

Some people think that if they skip breakfast they will lose weight, but it is usually the opposite because when they get to eat they are so hungry that they eat in excess. If we don’t eat breakfast we stress our vital mechanism because it doesn’t find all the energy necessary to get through a day’s work. Being stressed, our body reacts by releasing substances that slow it down and this causes us to store more calories in most cases. So it’s not recommended at all. If we want to dispense with a mea, let it better be dinner, although ideally it should be small and with easily digestible food, especially if we do not take long to meet with the pillow.

Enrique Tomás’ offer

Sandwiches that give pleasure

If there is something that we know how to prepare dearly, this is the Bocadillo de Jamón, Ham Baguette.

They all include cured Iberian products to be chosen in two baguette sizes, one larger than the other, depending on your appetite, although it will be difficult to eat just one! There is also the same in coca bread, if you prefer. That’s how we have it:

Two with Jamón-ham

One 5-star hand-sliced ham 
One 4-star premium hand-sliced ham

Three with Paleta -ham shoulder

5 star ham shoulder
4 star Premium ham shoulder
4 star ham shoulder

Bocadillo paleta iberica cebo

Sandwich Baguette with 4 Star Iberian Ham shoulder

Other types with baguette:

  • Cured sheep’s cheese
  • Semi-cured sheep’s cheese
  • Longaniza or fuet de Vic
  • Iberian Chorizo
  • 5-star Lomo -Pork loin
  • Potato omelette
  • With Iberian sobrassada and Brie cheese
  • Of 4 star premium ham shavings and brie

Delicious tortilla filled with Iberian ham shavings

Ideal for the appetite of the little ones, with piccolo or Tomasito (Antequera Bread)

  • 5 star ham shavings
  • Ham shavings 4 stars
  • Tomasito with ham 5 stars

Do you already know which one you want to start with?

To use the cutlery

  • Delicious non-fried patatas bravas with ham shavings
  • Ration of potato omelette with or without shavings
  • Russian salad with or without ham
  • Freshly cut portions of different cured Iberian products, ham, various sausages, cheeses
  • Assorted salads with ham, goat cheese and much more
  • Diced ham

As soon as you choose the drink you prefer, there is something for every taste: alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot and cold.

If your body feels like a good breakfast, come and see our menu and ask our staff for the day’s offers. If you can’t sit down because of lack of time, ask to have it prepared to take away and eat it quietly at home or in the office. Take your 15 minutes, the tranquility allows us to relax and that is also essential to make a good digestion and make the most of the first meal of the day. Let’s start the day well!

Sliced Jamón
Tipo de servicio
Sliced Jamón
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C/ Holanda 27,Badalona,Barcelona-08917,
Telephone No.+34 93 383 84 85
Sales Dpt.
The most necessary meal of the day and the most rewarding for our organism: a good breakfast. Come and have breakfast with us!

Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano


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