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Spring recipes with Spanish Jamón

Recetas de primavera

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Spring has finally arrived. With it, the days are getting longer and we feel more and more like midday in the sun accompanied by a good appetizer, mid-afternoon walks or weekend barbecue with family or friends. Spring recipes are full of seasonal vegetables and fruits. We abandon the hot dishes of mid-winter to introduce lighter and fresher ingredients that are not only healthy but also delicious.

At Enrique Tomás we also love spring for all that it means and because we can enhance the use of our rich delicacy, Gran Reserva ham/jamón serrano or Iberian ham/jamón ibérico, in fresher and more attractive dishes by combining it with new ingredients: peas, eggplants, avocados, melon, artichokes, etc. We give you some ideas and then it will depend on your tastes. We present you 8 finger-licking spring recipes with Spanish Jamón: the traditional ones and other more original ones. Keep reading!

Traditional spring recipes

1. Peas with Jamón

Do you want to cook a simple and delicious dish during spring? This recipe of fresh peas with Jamón will give you very good results. It is an easy dish to which you can add your personal and creative touch, we opted for the diced Iberian ham and chopped garlic as a differential point to complement the peas with an intense flavor, at the same time, pleasant.

Step by step recipe of peas with Jamón.

receta de guisantes con jamon y huevo
Peas with Jamón

2. Artichokes with Jamón

When spring begins, we must take advantage of the fact that artichokes are still in season (at least until mid-April). This ingredient with its peculiar and unique flavor conquers our palate. Combining artichokes with other vegetables and healthy foods, such as foods with high protein content, is ideal. In this recipe we have chosen onion, garlic and Jamón as accompaniments.

Undoubtedly, artichokes with Jamón are one of the most classic dishes of our Spanish gastronomy and, in addition, they meet the requirements of a healthy recipe.

We tell you how to prepare them step by step.

Alcachofas con jamón
Artichokes with Jamón

3. Vegetable stew with Jamón

Another option is the classic vegetable stew based on seasonal vegetables. We choose cauliflower, an important source of fiber, vitamin C and minerals such as potassium and phosphorus. Also, artichokes, a diuretic and antioxidant food that, as we have said, should be used when they are in season. Also, green beans, a food rich in vitamins and minerals, and onion, which provides a great flavor, while rounding out the dish. Finally, the Iberian ham, besides being the source of flavor and originality, also contributes to improve the nutritional properties of the recipe thanks to its contribution of heart-healthy fats and its high protein content.

See the step-by-step instructions to prepare this delicious seasonal vegetable stew with Jamón.

Menestra de verduras con jamón
Vegetable stew with jamón

4. Broccoli Tortilla with Jamón

Broccoli is also one of the vegetables that we find in season during the months of April, May and June. In this case we are going to cook it in an omelette, a classic dish in Spanish cuisine. We combine egg whites, broccoli and ham shavings. The result: a light and healthy lunch or dinner that you will become addicted to when you try it. Plus, it’s easy to prepare, in less than 20 minutes you’ll have it ready.

Broccoli tortilla with ham shavings recipe

Tortilla de brócoli con virutas de jamón
Broccoli Tortilla with Jamón shavings

5. Broad beans with Jamón ibérico

Broad beans are in season in spring. They belong to the legume family and combine perfectly with Jamón. We recommend Iberian ham, as it is a little juicier and the beans are not too dry. However, with Gran Reserva ham you can also get a good result.

Our step by step is very simple: Cook the beans for about 25 minutes, drain them and set them aside. Meanwhile, in a frying pan with olive oil fry the previously peeled and chopped onion. When it is golden brown, add the jamón. Stir everything and leave it for a few minutes so that the jamón releases its fat. Add the beans, a little salt and mix again. Let it simmer for 5 minutes so that the beans get the flavor of the mixture and enjoy!

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es Optimized-habitas-con-jamón-1024x577.jpg
Broad beans with diced Jamón

Original Spring recipes

6. Uramaki of Jamón Ibérico

Surprise your friends or family at the next spring celebration with some Iberian ham uramakis with avocado. A fusion dish between Japanese and Spanish cuisine.

If you have also joined the sushi trend, you should encourage yourself to prepare it yourself. These uramakis of Iberian ham and avocado are simple to prepare: add to the rice roll (seasoned with vinegar sauce, salt and sugar previously made), a thin slice of Iberian ham on top before cutting into pieces, and inside you can put the ingredients that you most like, in this case, we choose the avocado, for being an exotic and fleshy fruit that is also in season in spring.

This recipe can be served with ginger, wasabi and olive oil, making the fusion between Japanese and Mediterranean food even more evident.

Step by step to prepare these delicious Jamón/ham uramakis.

uramakis de jamón
Jamón uramakis

7. Iberian ham tartar

One of the latest gastronomic trends is the tartar. We can call “tartar” any dish, either meat or fish, served raw and cut very thinly or in cubes. It is usually accompanied by an egg yolk (in the case of steak tartar) or a multitude of condiments, such as cucumber, capers, onion and mustard.

In this case, from Enrique Tomás we are going to give you a different, innovative and original idea: Iberian ham tartar. If you want to cook a different dish, and at the same time, surprise your guests, this fresh and light spring recipe is ideal.

Tartar de jamón ibérico
Jamón ibérico tartar

8. Eggplant roll with Jamón, tomato and cheese

The eggplant roll with ham, tomato and cheese is one of the simplest and healthiest spring recipes, easy to introduce in any lunch or dinner and with which you will always get good results. In this dish we use the eggplant as a wrapper and the tomato, cheese and jamón are placed inside. This combination of ingredients brings freshness and naturalness without giving up the rich flavor of Jamón Gran Reserva Gran Reserva.

We tell you how to cook this eggplant roll with Gran Reserva ham!

Rollito de berenjena con jamón serrano
Eggplant roll with Jamón Gran Reserva
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Eight delicious and easy spring recipes with ham to celebrate the arrival of good weather. From the traditional ones to the most original ones.

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