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The best Jamón Serrano: Jamón Gran Reserva

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Do you know the Jamón Gran Reserva? At Enrique Tomás we have named Gran Reserva our Jamón Serrano, because it is a jamón selected after very rigorous quality controls. What are we looking for? We want its flavor to be as similar as possible to that of an Iberian ham and that you make the most of it. We consider the best Jamón Serrano our Gran Reserve.We’ll tell you all about it!

What is Jamón Serrano?

Let’s start with the basics, when we talk about Jamón Serrano we refer to the Spanish jamón that comes from the white breed pig, that is all those that do not belong to the Iberian breed. These pigs are not exclusive to the Iberian Peninsula, unlike the Iberian pigs, they can be found all over the planet. Nevertheless, the type of white pig and the curing process of the jamón is what determines the differences between Spanish Jamón Serrano and that found in other parts of the world.

Likewise, we can identify different flavors, qualities or characteristics in each region or country. In Spain we speak of  Jamón Serrano, but for example in Italy they speak of “Prosciutto”, in Portugal of Presunto or in France of “Jambon”. And it is clear that each of them has its own characteristics in terms of flavor, appearance and quality.

What is the best Jamón Serrano?

One of the features that characterizes a good quality Jamón Serrano is the breed from which it comes. This type of jamóncan come from various kinds of white pig breeds, including Landrace, Large white, Pietrain and Duroc. The latter has the capacity to infiltrate fat into the muscle like the Iberian pig, and for this reason, the Jamón Serrano that comes from Duroc pigs is one of the best quality on the market. Farmers also tend to cross this type of breed with the Iberian pig (of 50% breed) to produce Jamón Ibérico.

Another aspect that determines the superior quality of Jamón Serrano is the curing process. At Enrique Tomás we call this part “the cooking” of the jamón. This is the preparation of the pieces in salt. This curing process requires very specific times. The drying time of most Serrano Hams on the market is usually around twelve months, while at Enrique Tomás it lasts eighteen months.

Cortar jamón serrano
Slicing Jamón Serrano

The Gran Reserva, a top-quality Jamón Serrano

In short, the Jamón Gran Reserva  is a Jamón selected following very exhaustive and demanding quality controls. During the curing process we maintain sufficient fat so that the ham can be cured for eighteen months, exceeding the curing time of the rest of the Serrano hams on the market. In addition, at each stage of the process (whether salting, drying or aging) we treat the Jamón with the same delicacy and care as if it were the best Iberian ham on the market.

This method applies to all our types of Jamón. Whether it is Iberian or not, so the result is a delicious jamón, of exceptional quality and one of the best on the market.

Jamón Serrano Gran Reserva
Jamón Serrano Gran Reserva

Recipe ideas with Jamón Gran Reserva

Jamón Serrano is the most common jamón in our everyday cuisine, because of its quality at a cheaper price, and it is the protagonist of many delicious recipes.Here are just a few to inspire you to work in the kitchen.

Lentil salad with Jamón Gran Reserva

Legumes and jamón are a more than classic combination and the result is usually very delicious. In this case, we offer lentil salad with Jamón Serrano and veggies. A dish that is not only tasty, but also healthy and very typical in our Mediterranean diet.

Learn how to cook this salad step by step.

Ensalada de lentejas con jamón
Lentil salad with Jamón Gran Reserva

Mexican omelette with jamón, cheese and tomatoes

The Mexican omelette with jamón, cheese and tomato is perfect for any breakfast, snack or dinner and you can make it in just a few minutes. All you need is an oven and the ingredients of your choice.

At Enrique Tomás we have opted for a whole wheat flour omelette to make the dish even healthier, in combination with one of the stars products of Mediterranean food: the tomato. Then, a mixture of grated cheeses that will melt in the oven and enhance the flavor and sweetness of the omelette and, finally, our star product: Jamón Gran Reserva.

We tell you how to prepare it

Tortilla mexicana de jamón serrano
Mexican Tortilla with Jamón Serrano

Eggplant roll with Jamón Gran Reserva, tomato and cheese

Another simple and healthy recipe option, easy to include in a breakfast or dinner and with which you will always obtain good results.As you know, vegetables are fundamental to any Mediterranean meal.In this dish we use them as a base, with eggplant as a wrapper and tomato inside, which gives us a touch of freshness. The Jamón Serrano combines perfectly with the whole and gives a salty and cheerful touch to the recipe. We show you how to cook this eggplant roll with jamón.

Rollito de berenjena con jamón serrano

Discover more similar recipes on our blog and choose Jamón Gran Reserva in the most convenient and practical format for cooking: whole piece or ready sliced. Our goal: that you like to eat to your heart’s content.

The best Jamón Serrano: Jamón Gran Reserva
Article Name
The best Jamón Serrano: Jamón Gran Reserva
For us, the best Jamón Serrano is the Jamón Gran Reserva. We tell you all about it! A Jamón selected for you to enjoy it 100%.
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Enrique Tomás S.L.
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