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The best jamón wherever you are on vacation

Paleta de Bellota 50% Ibérica loncheada-

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The key to enjoying your vacation meals to the fullest is to be able to take with you those premium quality products that you usually consume and that give added value to your recipes. In this case we are going to talk about how to take the best jamón with you wherever you are on vacation.

We will tell you where to find Enrique Tomás physical stores, how to reach the whole world thanks to our online store and the ability to travel with our vacuum-packed ready sliced jamón in your luggage. We will also talk about our travel packs, ideal as gifts for your family or friends living abroad.

Buy the best ready sliced jamón online

Since the meat industry, and especially that of the Iberian meat products, travels beyond our borders, the method of preserving meat has been evolving progressively in recent years. Thus, the best way to distribute and sell it all over the world has been found, ensuring its perfect preservation, with a minimum risk in the perfect preservation of the product for 3 to 6 months.

Vacuum-packed and ready sliced Jamón allows it to maintain its properties without fear that they may be lost in the export process, in addition to facilitating its consumption ready sliced and ready to eat.

In addition, if you buy sliced jamón, you will be able to enjoy each slice at the perfect thickness and size. Our jamón masters slice it by machine or knife for you, so that you can enjoy its flavor and texture 100%. Discover all the advantages of buying sliced jamón online.

Jamón Loncheado

Packs of Iberian Jamón to take with you on vacation

Enjoying Jamón Ibérico wherever you are is one of the best pleasures, so at Enrique Tomás we help you make it possible with our packs of Jamón Ibérico to take along with you. In addition, if you travel abroad to visit a relative or friend who lives abroad, you should definitely take one of our “Travel Packs” with you. It will be like coming home. Giving the gift of a gourmet gastronomic experience such as jamón is a great way to make your loved ones happy.

What do the Travel Packs include?

It is a convenient pack with sachets of sliced jamón ready to eat. The perfect gift for yourself or for someone special. Enrique Tomás’ goal is for people to enjoy jamón. Thus, these packs guarantee you the maximum yield of the piece you wish to purchase. A practical and perfect format to give as a gift, take on a trip or have at home to consume at your own pace.

We have different options depending on the type of jamón you like best.

1. Paleta Bellota 100% Ibérico (shoulder)- Selection – sliced

We present you a very convenient case with 1.6 kilos of sliced shoulder, from a purebred Iberian pig, fed with acorns during the “montanera” and cured until it reaches its optimum point. Enjoy a great Paleta Bellota 100% ibérico with the convenience of having it ready sliced in individual sachets, ready to open and taste. Open sachets as you like, make a special gift and get the maximum yield from a piece of pata negra shoulder jamón.

– 14 sachets of sliced paleta/shoulder of 80g

– 3 sachets of Jamón cubes of 80g

– 3 sachets of Jamón-shavings of 100g

– 1 tray of bones

1. Paleta de cebo 50% Ibérica- Selection -sliced

We present a case of 2 kilos approx. of perfectly sliced shoulder from an Iberian pig. The Paleta Ibérica de Cebo has a spectacular flavor that has nothing to envy to the rest of Iberian products and with this convenient product you will not have to worry about preserving or cutting correctly, because you will have everything cut by professionals and vacuum packed for you to take it and eat it as you want.  It is machine sliced by our experts.

Visit our physical stores around the world

To make it easier for you, here are the Enrique Tomás physical stores you can find around the world. Look for the ones in your vacation destination and if you have them nearby, go there to taste the jamón and choose the most suitable one for you. Let our experts advise you and they will recommend which one is right for you according to your needs.

Physical stores at airports

Take the best jamón with you wherever you go on vacation thanks to our presence at airports. Enrique Tomás is known worldwide for its physical stores at airports. Take advantage of this opportunity and, apart from enjoying an authentic jamón sandwich before boarding the plane, buy those sliced products, ideal to take with you during your trip.

Find out in which airports and cities around the world we have locations.

The best jamón on the table wherever you are on vacation

An ideal dinner to prepare wherever you are on vacation can be this platter of Iberian cured meats and seasonal fruits that you can prepare with the sliced jamón you have bought. An option that is ideal for those lunches and dinners shared with friends or family.

One of the most typical starters of our gastronomy is the variety of Iberian cold meats, Iberian jamón and cheese, and enjoying these accompanied with bread is undoubtedly a pleasure that will please everyone. In addition, if you add the most typical seasonal fruits of the summer as accompaniments, you will get a lighter, refreshing and ideal lunch or dinner for hot days. 

Discover how to prepare this Iberian jamón and fruit platter.

Remember that one of the keys to consuming sliced Iberian jamón is to take it out of the refrigerator 15-20 minutes before serving so that it reaches the ideal temperature at the time of consumption and remove the vacuum packaging. A trick to know if the slices have already reached the optimum temperature is that they separate easily.

We tell you where to find Enrique Tomás physical stores, how we reach the whole world thanks to our online store and the ability to travel with our ready vacuum-packed and sliced jamón in your luggage.

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The best jamón where you go on vacation
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The best jamón where you go on vacation
We tell you where to find Enrique Tomás physical stores, how we reach the whole world thanks to our online store and the ability to travel with our vacuum-packed sliced jamon in your luggage.
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Enrique Tomás S.L.
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