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The essentials of a romantic dinner

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Obviously the essential ones in a romantic dinner are those that for you and your partner are, and you can not miss it to be a special night dedicated to you two.  We don’t all like the same thing, nor are our customs the same, but we do have a few basics in common: the menu, the atmosphere and the decoration. Of course we can add more but they would only be to complementary and make the dinner more memorable if possible according to the occasion. Here are some ideas for you and to surprise your partner.

How to make a romantic dinner?

The best romantic dinners are those made by surprise by one of the parties, and when the other party least expects it. The surprise effect is sometimes more important, more appreciated and effective than the content and form of the romantic dinner itself. In these cases the gesture counts a lot, the place can be at home, a picnic on the beach or in the countryside if the weather is good, on the balcony of the house, in the kitchen or in that place that for both has a special meaning.

Whatever the case, if the form is also careful and painstaking, we will manage to meet all the objectives and spend an evening for two of the most special and memorable to add to your album of moments lived together.  It is not that we are not saying that you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day or Saint George’s Day or any other day when your geographical area is more common or usual, what we want is that you use the “not expected” effect, and your imagination to the maximum.

Of course, it does not have to be a surprise and the act of preparing it with your partner, brings forward the romantic act of the moment. Both of you can prepare it to your liking, sharing experiences from the beginning. Whatever you decide will be fine.

The important factors

The menu

It must be light and sexy, that is, it must leave you satisfied but not too much. Various foods but not heavy.

Obviously it will be based on your personal tastes and depending on the season in which the dinner is held. It is not the same what we want in the middle of summer than in winter and neither in which place we will do it. If you want to be original it’s fine but keeping in mind the tastes of the other, the time and the place. But there are some foods or dishes and drinks that invite more in that romantic atmosphere.


An aphrodisiac seafood, say the experts. There is not much to do, just get them very fresh and put them on a tray with lemon before serving.


It should not be missing from a dinner of these characteristics. For such a special occasion, you can buy a sliced sachet of Bellota (acorn) 100% Iberian ham, but if it is not within your budget then an Iberian cebo ham or a good gran reserva ham from Enrique Tomás will also be fantastic.  Just presented on a white plate, it will not only delight your palate but will also add an intense red colour to the visual appearance of the decoration. And if you add a fruit such as pineapple and/or some figs, it will be the perfect ending to a superb starter.

con que vino acompañar el jamón ibérico

The amuse-bouche

Amuse-bouches comes from French and means the mouth opener or more literally “the one who amuses the mouths”.  They are those small but tasty morsels, smaller than even a lid. Here you can play with different pâtés in puff pastry or in thin bread toasts, some cold meats like sobrasada or lumpfish roe, caviar, smoked salmon etc. They can also be varied canapés, the important thing is that they are small and full of flavour.


We can use it to liven up with strawberries or to flock another sweet dessert.

A vegetable lasagne

If you have a little more time, a light vegetable lasagne as a second course is delicious. You can prepare the filling the day before and then boil the pasta the next day.

Caramelised oven-baked lamb chops

This dish contains some honey, an ingredient that helps stimulate our libido. It is a meat dish that would be served as a second course with some sautéed vegetables to taste.

Baked fish

If you decide on the fish, choose one with few bones, or you can buy it already cleaned of bones and opened in loins, like a sea bream or a sea bass. Or even simpler, a slice of fresh grilled tuna if you like blue fish. There are many possibilities, depending on your taste and desire.


As you celebrate love, the best thing to do is to make a toast, and what could be better than a glass of cava or wine?

Atmosphere and decoration

The most important thing is that you are alone if possible. Decorate the table and prepare the surroundings as you like.


Play discreet but pleasant background music.


In these cases, if you can adjust the light a little and add a candle, it will give your table a more intimate look and the glasses and dishes you have will stand out. It is not necessary to overload and fill the spaces with hearts or teddy bears, unless these are essential for you and your partner.

Television and cellphones

Obviously both off or silenced in case of the cellphone.

So don’t wait for the shopping malls or social networks to tell you that you can now celebrate love with your partner. Improvise, do it when he/she least expects it, when it is not forseen. Show him/her that every day is an ideal day to tell him/her how much you care.

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The essentials of a romantic dinner are undoubtedly those that are essential for you: candles, ham, music, good wine. Choose your moment.

Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano


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