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The Jamón of The Valley of Pedroches

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The elaboration of a good Jamón is influenced by many aspects and one of them is the origin, the place where pigs are raised and where their parts are dry-cured to become Iberian hams. In Enrique Tomás, it is very clear to us that Jamón is a gourmet product, an authentic jewel of Spanish gastronomy, and although the most famous hams are the Jamón from Jabugo and the Jamón from Guijuelo, the Iberian hams produced in Cordoba, the so called from Pedroches, are exceptional.

The Pedroches Appellation of Origin includes everything produced in a series of towns in the Valle de los Pedroches. The particularities of the climate of the whole area and the way to cook the cured meats, result in an intense tasty Jamón that stays long in the mouth, becoming more present as we taste it. The hams and ham shoulders of this origin are characterized by a bright, tasty, intense and very pleasant flavour.

AO Los Pedroches

In Spain there are four denominations of origin (DO) of Jamón Ibérico: Jamón de Jabugo, Jamón de Guijuelo, Dehesa de Extremadura and Los Pedroches, the most recent regulation in 2006.

Los Pedroches is a valley that is located in the north of Cordoba and covers a total of 32 towns in that area, among which there are Alcaracejos, Añora, Benalcázar, Bélcázar, Bélmez, Los Blázquez, Cardeña, Conquista, Dos Torres, Espiel, Fuente La Lancha, Fuente Obejuna, La Granjuela, El Guijo, Hinojosa del Duque, Pedroche. The DO’s name pays homage to the oldest town in the region, Pedroches.

In the meadows of the province of Cordoba we can find centenary holm oaks, cork oaks and gall oaks together with a thick layer of grass that covers low hills. The climate of the area is warm and all these characteristics make up the scene for the Iberian pig to live in freedom and feed on acorns during the Montanera season. This is how the exquisite Jamón, Paleta (ham shoulder) and Jamón Pata Negra from Córdoba with DO Pedroches are produced.

Mapa Jamón Valle de Los Pedroches Enrique Tomás

Jamón from Córdoba

When we talk about ham-jamón and ham shoulders-paleta, we can classify the products according to their origin and diet. In this case we will mention only the products of Cordoba so we will make the distinction according to the process of feeding that the pig has followed:

Paleta y Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico: Feeding based on acorns and wild herbs during the Montanera season in the pastureland. Pigs with an Iberian breed purity of 100%. These products are what are popularly known as “Pata Negra”.

Paleta y Jamón de Bellota Ibérico: Feeding exclusively with acorn and natural grasses. In this case you can find varieties with the percentage of 50% or 75% Iberian breed in the products.

The Jamón of Pedroches has a minimum curing period of 12 months for the ham shoulders and 18 months for the hams, the time will vary depending on the type of product to be produced. In Enrique Tomás, the curing time for Cordoba products is as follows:

Paleta -Ham shoulder Jamón -Ham
Ibérico 18 months 24 months
Ibérico de Bellota 24 months 36 months

Find it with the letter P 

In Enrique Tomás we have created a simple classification by letters and colours that will allow you to quickly find the product you want. As for the origins, all the products of origin Cordoba / Valle de Los Pedroches, you will see them identified with the orange colour and the letter C.

If you’ve already tried and chosen this one, congratulations! You will take home a product of the highest quality with a powerful taste and pleasant to the palate. Now, if you want to know more about all the origins of the Jamón Pata Negra in Spain, we have a series of products that will help you to do it:

Tasting box Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico Enrique Tomás

Tasting box Jamón Pata Negra

Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico - Córdoba Enrique Tomás

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Aromen aus Córdoba Pata Negra Enrique Tomás

Buy Jamón – Flavours Córdoba

Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico - Córdoba Enrique Tomás

Buy Jamón Pata Negra – Córdoba 80 gr

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Discover what's special about the famous Jamón of Pedroches, the newst DO of Jamón. We tell you where these Iberian products are produced and all the singularities of the exquisite Jamón from Córdoba and Valle de Los Pedroches.

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