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The most typical Spanish drinks

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Dishes such as paella or Iberian Jamón Ibérico/Iberian ham, tapas such as patatas bravas or products such as olive oil are great icons of Spanish cuisine, well known and appreciated all over the world.But to fully enjoy these culinary gems, we cannot forget their association, that is to say the union of food and drinks. Today we tell you what are the most traditional Spanish drinks! As a result, you will have the pleasure of combining the most typical dishes with their best companions.

Spanish sangria

Sangria is a very famous Spanish drink all over the world, synonymous with summer and moments in good company. It is one of the most international products coming from our country and there is no place where you go where you are not understood when you say “sangria”.

It is usually served very cold and is ideal as a refreshing drink for the summer. Sangria is synonymous with joy, friends and partying. Moreover, it is one of the perfect accompaniments to Spanish tapas.

The most typical Spanish sangria is made with red wine and fruit. Even so, there are different varieties such as white wine sangria or cava, also very common around the country. In any case, all three are a good accompaniment to Iberian products such as jamón, cold meats and Spanish tapas.

Did you know that sangria ranks 11th in the ranking of the best drinks in the world according to CNN? Find out more about this drink and how to make it in the following link.

Spanish wine

Spanish wine is one of the best and most appreciated in the world, not only for its extraordinary quality and variety, but also for its value for money, hardly comparable to other countries. Thus, it becomes a very affordable whim for everyone. In fact, in many houses, it is part of everyday gastronomy to accompany meals and dinners with a glass of wine.

Wine is a very important and remarkable element of our culinary culture and the combination of some dishes and delights like Jamón ibérico with a good wine is an essential pleasure.

At Enrique Tomás,  we have a deep knowledge of the pairing of Spanish wine with Jamón Ibérico and it is worth noting that we can distinguish between two types:

Accompanying pairing

With this pairing, the flavor of the ham fuses with that of the wine to create a unique combination. When we talk about this type of pairing, we could include red wines and some white wines. However, we must bear in mind that, although many people think that wine is the best accompaniment for jamón, not all wines are. The intensity of some of them can diminish the nuances of the meat and vice versa.

The contrasting pairing

As the name suggests, contrast pairing consists of the union of two elements with very different, almost opposite characteristics, which complement each other perfectly. It is important that when looking for a contrast, one of the flavors does not completely overshadow the other. This type of pairing makes that, with one sip, the palate is cleansed, and each mouthful is tasted as the first. Within this type of pairing would include soft, fresh and sparkling whites.

Discover the variety of wines in our online store. You will also find our Vino Maridaje Enrique Tomás, a wine created by expert winemakers, ideal to combine with Iberian products such as Jamón and also with cheeses, meats and cold meats.


Cava is one of the most typical Spanish drinks and is a must in any celebration. It is the sparkling wine par excellence in Spain, of Catalan origin and often confused with the famous French champagne, although it is a drink with enough personality to earn its own space within the great drinks worldwide.

It is one of the best pairings for Jamón de Bellota Ibérico and other delicatessen products. Why? We have already talked about the contrast pairing with wine. Well, in the case of cava the same thing usually happens. Thanks to this sparkling touch, cava becomes one of the best accompaniments to cured Jamón. Thanks to the bubbles, the taste buds open up much more, so that after each sip you experience an unparalleled sensation of freshness. The bubbles cleanse the palate of fat and prepare it for the next mouthful. Therefore, in the case of jamón, it makes you enjoy each slice as if it were the first.

There are different types of cava and these are distinguished according to the amount of sugar used in its elaboration (brut, semibrut, sweet…) or the type of aging that the drink has already been prepared for (young, reserva and gran reserva).

At Enrique Tomás we have a selection of cavas that pair perfectly with jamón and the most delicatessen tapas of Spanish gastronomy. Discover them here!


Vermouth is another drink typical of the Iberian Peninsula and other regions such as Italy or France. It is a wine or absinthe flavored with different aromatic herbs and spices. It is a perfect drink to have as an apéritif before meals, and it offers infinite possibilities thanks to the great amount of aromas and flavors it contains. Likewise, it is usually paired with typical appetizer products such as olives, patatas bravas or some canned seafood such as cockles or mussels.

“Going out for a vermouth” has become a very common expression in Spain to describe the habit of having an apéritif before lunch with family or friends where this drink is the protagonist. We recommend you to enjoy a good Sunday vermouth, one of those that last longer and allow you to disconnect from the routine!

We believe that each one is ideal for one moment or another, depending on the occasion in which you find yourself and what dishes you want to pair it with. In Enrique Tomás we continue to fulfill our goal: That you enjoy the experience of a Jamón tasting!

The most typical Spanish drinks
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The most typical Spanish drinks
Enjoy gastronomic gems such as paella, tapas or jamón along with the most typical Spanish drinks, we tell you what they are!
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