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Three typical Spanish food products

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Are you curious to know which are the most typical products of Spanish food? In this post we’re going to answer your questions. We are talking about three gastronomic wonders, those that when you try them you only have one option left: to repeat. We are talking about Iberian ham (Jamón Ibérico), Iberian cured meats and cured or semi-cured cheese.

Iberian ham –Jamón Ibérico-, the first claim of Spanish food

Iberian ham is considered one of the best native products of the Iberian Peninsula and one of the products that most identifies Spanish food.

This type of Jamón/ham comes from a unique breed in the world: the Iberian pig. This species differs from the rest thanks to its ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle. The pigs belonging to this breed live in a very unique environment: the dehesas (Spanish Pasturedland). In these places, typical of the Iberian Peninsula, there are exclusive climatic conditions for the breeding of these animals, where they feed on the famous acorns, which is how the “Iberian de Bellota ham” (Jamón de Bellota ibérico) is distinguished. During the curing process, these hams are treated in a very exclusive way by Jamón/ham experts, who, with care and patience, prepare each piece so that after approximately three years (depending on the exact weight of each leg) it can enter the market.

Iberian ham not only attracts us by the name itself, and where it comes from, but -once we try it- it is its intense and addictive flavor that conquers us. The most prized of all is the Jamón Bellota Ibérico Premium, popularly known as pata negra. Eating this type of Jamón/ham is a pleasure. Let your palate enjoy each slice, eating it alone, savoring the intensity and soaking up the authentic aroma of Iberian ham.

In short, Iberian ham is one of the star products of world gastronomy. You can buy it through our website/online store, whole or sliced, and we will send it quickly and safely to wherever you want. There you can also choose between the types you like best: Jamón/ham de Campo Ibérico or Jamón de Bellota Ibérico Premium.

Jamón de Campo Ibérico - without hoof
Our Jamón de Campo Ibérico
Jamón de Belllota Iberico without hoof
Our Jamón de Bellota Ibérico Premium

Iberian cured meats, another classic of Spanish food

Iberian cured meats, as its name suggests, is unique to the Iberian Peninsula and one of the country’s most sought-after products. Spanish cold meats are known worldwide for its exquisite taste and, above all, for the cured meats, which, like Iberian ham, are unique and of excellent quality. The ability of the Iberian pig to infiltrate fat into the muscle is also reflected in the flavor and aroma of Iberian cured meats, which are incomparable to any other cold meat on the market.

We are talking about chorizo ibérico, salchichón ibérico and lomo ibérico. These three jewels of our gastronomy have different flavors and nuances, they are handmade with the lean meat of the Iberian pig cured and mixed with spices among which the black peppercorns stand out.

They can be consumed in different ways and at different times, but one of the most typical formats is the Iberian cured meats board, a combination of cured Iberian products that will be perfect as part of lunch or dinner, or simply as a gourmet appetizer at any time of the day. A combination of cured Iberian products that will be perfect as part of lunch or dinner, or simply as a gourmet appetizer at any time of the day to purchase Iberian chorizo, Iberian salchichón or Iberian lomo access our online store, where you can choose between whole pieces of cured meats to cut them yourself to your liking, or purchase the vacuum-sealed sachets of Iberian cured meats cut ready to taste.

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Cheese, one of the most desirable of Spanish food

Spanish cheese is part of our gastronomic culture. The specialty in our country lies in cured or semi-cured cheeses.

For a cheese to be considered “cured cheese” it must be matured for a minimum of 4 to 7 months. This type of cheese contains very little water, so it is more fatty and has a strong flavor, highly enhanced by such maturation. Another of the most popular types of cheese in Spanish gastronomy is the semi-cured cheese, a middle point between the soft texture of fresh cheese and the intense flavors of cured cheese. For a cheese to be “semi-cured” it must have matured for at least 35 days. These cheeses are usually made from cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk.

In the case of sheep’s milk, it should be noted that it is much richer in fat and protein. This milk has a lower water content, which makes the famous sheep’s milk cheeses have a more intense, creamy and aromatic flavor. These cheeses are characterized by their slightly acidic, salty and buttery taste, in addition to the multiple benefits they offer to our health, such as their high mineral and vitamin content and their easy digestibility.

At Enrique Tomás, you can choose between semi-cured cow, sheep or goat cheeses or cured sheep cheese cured for more than six months. If you are a cheese lover, they will surely be the ideal complement for one of those boards of different varieties that you like so much. And if you prefer, you can use them as an accompaniment to a good plate of ham or a board of delicious Iberian cured meats. Discover our variety of cheeses destined to make you enjoy eating.

como cortar queso manchego
Buy Manchego cheese

If you are a fan of Spanish food, surely you already know these three products, and if you haven’t heard about them yet, now is your time. Try them and enjoy their endless possibilities. Make a good dinner with your family or closest friends and present a good assortment of Iberian cured meats, a plate full of Iberian ham and a board of cured and semi-cured cheeses. Accompany it with some bread with extra virgin olive oil and open a bottle of red or white wine, according to your taste. Experience an authentic Spanish dinner and do it with Enrique Tomás products! Find all the products on our website.

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Are you curious to know which are the most typical products of Spanish food? In this post, we are going to answer your questions. We talk about three gastronomic wonders

Otros idiomas: Español


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