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What is the yield of a ham leg

comprare prosciutto guijuelo

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When we talk about the yield of a cured ham we are referring to the percentage of meat that can be extracted from each ham piece, Yet, the first thing to emphasize is that this depends on the size of the leg (front or back leg) in question. If you are trying to find out what the performance of a ham is, you no longer have to worry because Enrique Tomás will help you understand.

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Yield of the ham according to its size

The first thing to bear in mind is that the yield of an Iberian ham oscillates around 50% and is always higher than that of a shoulder. To clarify this, we will explain below how many net kilograms approximatively of slices, ham cubes and shavings can be obtained from a ham according to its weight:

  • From a ham between 7 kg and 7.25 kg. you will get about 3.275 kg. net of meat.
  • For one between 7.25 and 7.5 kg. you will have between 3.275 and 3.38 kg.
  • From a piece of about 8 kg. you will get a maximum of 3.605 kg.
  • For a leg between 8 and 8.25 kg. you will be able to extract a maximum of 3.715 kg. net.
  • For a leg between 8.25 and 8.5 kg. you will get about 3.825 kg.
  • From a piece weighing more than 8.5 kg, you will be able to enjoy up to a maximum of four kilos of ham.

Therefore, the rest of the kilograms of a ham correspond to the weight of the bone and the fat and these play a very important role in the preservation of the piece.

Certainly, this is a factor that you do not have to forget when you cut the ham yourself at home, because you do not have to remove more fat than it is necessary. Otherwise, the meat will dry faster.

About the fat

What you should keep in mind is that of the fat, there is a part we call the rancid, which has that yellowish color. The rancid  should disappear in the first place because it has a justly rancid and bitter taste. As a recommendation, under no circumstances should we use it to cover the meat that is uncovered, after having cut the ham. Not even with the leftover white bacon will we do such a thing!, why? For a very simple reason, if the bacon gets rancid and you put it next to the meat, the flavor of the latter will pass to your leg and therefore all its nuances and aromas will disappear.  If you take care of these details, your palate will thank you.

Therefore, the best option is to cover the ham with a clean and dry cotton cloth that does not leave lint. At Enrique Tomás we like you to enjoy a top quality delicacy and that is why we not only take care of it in the best possible way, but we also give you the information so that you can treat it as it deserves to be treated. We want the culture of ham to reach every corner!

!Rendimiento de una pieza de jamón

The way to cut your piece

Finally, we have already explained the yield of a ham and we have explained that, depending on the weight of a piece, you will obtain a greater or lesser quantity of meat, but bear in mind that this also depends on how it is cut. A bad cut can even change the taste of a different slices of the same ham piece. The fine and uneven cut of a ham knife will be decisive to take advantage of the piece to the maximum and by extension its taste is what it should be.  So tasty that you will lick your fingers!

We have specialised in ham for more than thirty years and, of course, we have the best ham carving experts. If, for whatever reason, you have your ham or ham shoulder at home and you want to leave it completely clean, bring it to any of our stores. Regardless of whether you have bought it in one of our shops or not, we are going to slice it and prepare it in vacuum-packed sachets, making the most of it. In this way, you will obtain absolutely all the meat and you will have it prepared in the most comfortable way. When you feel like having ham, all you have to do is open one of your sachets, wait for the slices to separate easily from each other and enjoy.

This pleasure is unique!

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