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What is the yield of a Jamón leg

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When we talk about yield of a  ham, we are referring to the percentage of clean ham that we are going to eat, free of fat and bones, once the piece has been cut. However, the first thing to bear in mind is that this will depend on the breed, the feeding of the pig and the piece itself, be it ham shoulder or ham. In addition, in Enrique Tomás we are very clear that no two hams are the same and that the yield can vary little or substantially both between ham shoulders and between hams being of the same quality. Cutting well and making the most of a ham piece is always our greatest concern and will, but, as you can understand, this is not an exact science.

Ham yield according to breed and diet

Performance will depend on a number of factors, making it very difficult to determine specific percentages. This way we are going to give you some approximate estimations according to the breed and the feeding of the pig from where the ham comes (back leg) and the ham shoulder (front leg).

Non-Iberian ham or shoulder

This type of ham is known in Enrique Tomás as Jamón Gran Reserva. It is a white pig, mainly of the Duroc breed.

  • Gran Reserva Ham: from 52% to 37%.
  • Paleta Gran Reserva: from 43% to 32%.

Jamón or paleta ibérico de cebo, jamón or paleta ibérico de cebo de campo

The Iberian ham is unique in the world, as its name indicates is only raised and produced in the Iberian Peninsula. Its most important feature and differential with respect to non-Iberian is its ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle, making its meat more juicy.

  • Iberian ham and cebo de campo Iberian ham: from 44% to 36%.
  • Iberian ham shoulder and Iberian Cebo de Campo: from 40% to 31%.

Iberian Bellota (acorn) ham and ham shoulder

Another of the characteristics of the Iberian pig is that the purer the Iberian breed, that is, the higher its racial percentage, the less yield it will also have. In the case of the iberico de bellota this becomes more evident, as it tends to have more external fat and consequently more waste. On the other hand, its veinage between the slices, an indicator of the ability to infiltrate fat, will have a more intense reddish shine due to the oil ingested from the acorns.

  • Jamón bellota 50% and 75% (Iberian breed): from 42% to 36%.
  • Bellota ham 100% (Iberian breed): from 40 to 35%.
  • Bellota ham shoulder 50% and 75%: from 35% to 30%.
  • Bellota ham shoulder 100%: from 33% to 28%.

Video How to cut a whole Jamón

Video How to cut a Paleta (shoulder)

The way to slice your piece

Finally, we have already explained the performance of a ham and we have explained that, depending on the kilos of a piece, you will obtain a greater or lesser quantity of meat, but bear in mind that this also depends on how it is cut. A bad cut can even change the flavour from one slice to another being from the same piece. The fine and uneven cut of a ham knife will be decisive to take advantage of the piece to the maximum and of course so that its taste is what it should be. So tasty that you will lick your fingers!

cómo cortar jamón

We have specialised in ham for more than thirty years and, as it is evident, we have the best experts in this field. If, for whatever reason, you have your ham or ham shoulder at home and you want to leave it completely clean, bring it to any of our stores. Regardless of whether you have bought it in one of our shops or not, we are going to slice it and prepare it in vacuum-packed sachets, making the most of it.

Let it cut by experts

When buying Jamón in our online shop, you can also choose the option of sliced Jamón or Paleta / shoulder, if you do not master the slicing technique and prefer to make sure you get every last bit of Jamón. Our experts will get down to work to leave your piece clean for you.

In this way, you will obtain absolutely all the meat and you will have it prepared in the most comfortable way. When you feel like tasting some ham, you will only have to open one of your sachets, wait for the slices to separate from the others and enjoy!

This pleasure is unique!

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If you want to know the yield of a ham, you've come to the right place - here's all the information you need to know all you get in a ham

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