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What makes Jamón de bellota ibérico unique?

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Jamón de bellota ibérico is unique for several reasons. Let’s break them down.

Firstly, it is produced from Iberian pigs reared in the wild in the dehesas of the Iberian Peninsula, during their last fattening phase which lasts 4 months, known as the Montanera. But the final result will depend on the quality of the raw material, the percentage of the Iberian breed, the elaboration and curing process. Finally, it will be the hands and the tradition of the master ham maker who will determine the final taste of this gastronomic jewel. In the end, we hope that you will be encouraged to buy any format of Jamón de bellota (acorn fed ham).


As with all living mammals, the baby is fed first on its mother’s milk, then, raised on the farm, it is fed with specific vitaminised feed for the proper growth of its bones and muscles. In the adult phase is when the farmer will decide whether to do the Montanera. Whether the Iberian pig is 50% Iberian or 100% purebred Iberian, the rearing process will be the same. The final difference to the palate will be given by the process and the curing time as well as the final percentage of Iberian breed, because it will have more or less fat among other things.

The Montanera

This period, which runs from October to February approximately, concludes with the production of a ham with a unique flavour and aroma. In addition, these pigs are fed exclusively on acorns and natural grasses during this period, which allows them to develop a fat infiltrated in the muscle that gives the ham a soft and juicy texture. This ability to infiltrate the fat is exclusive to the Iberian pig, hence its great difference with respect to the rest.


Finally, the curing process, which lasts a minimum of 36 months, is carried out in a traditional and traditional way, which contributes to the quality and final flavour of the product. All this means that Iberian acorn-fed ham is considered one of the best hams in the world and a gourmet product that is highly appreciated by ham lovers. The curing process takes place in a ham cellar or bodega during many phases, sometimes reaching almost 4 years when it is ready to be consumed.

The curing process is also key to the quality of all types of jamón, but particularly for Iberian acorn-fed ham. The ham is salted and cured in the open air, which gives it a smooth texture and a complex, balanced flavour. In addition, the curing process is carried out in a traditional and artisanal way, with extreme care at each stage, which contributes to the quality and final flavour of the product.

At Enrique Tomás we always say that one of our ham sandwiches has taken a minimum of 3 years and 5 minutes to prepare due to its long and careful preparation by the best master ham makers in the Iberian Peninsula.

Taste and quality

Iberian acorn-fed ham can be 50% Iberian breed or 100% Iberian breed. The latter is popularly known as Pata Negra. For a pig to be considered Iberian, the mother has to be 100% Iberian, but if the father is also Iberian, then it is a 100% purebred Iberian ham.

The flavour and quality of Iberian acorn-fed ham/jamón de bellota iberico are exceptional.

The flavour

It is intense and complex, with perfectly balanced sweet and salty notes. The fat infiltrated in the muscle gives it a smooth and juicy texture, and the meat has a characteristic dark red colour that is both characteristic and shiny at the same time.

The quality

The quality of Iberian acorn-fed ham depends on several factors, such as the breed of pig, its feed and the curing process. The pigs must be of the Iberian breed and reared free-range in the dehesas, feeding exclusively on acorns and natural grasses during the montanera season. This allows the meat to have a greater infiltration of fat and a unique flavour and aroma.

A delicacy to be enjoyed in its ultimate scale of pleasure. Once you have tasted an acorn-fed ham, eating another type of ham will no longer be the same, it will certainly be good, but it will not be the same.

In short, the Iberian acorn ham is a gourmet product of high quality and exceptional taste, due to the feeding and breeding of the Iberian pig.

What makes Jamón de bellota ibérico unique?
Article Name
What makes Jamón de bellota ibérico unique?
Jamón de bellota iberico is unique for several reasons. We break them down for you so that you can understand what a gastronomic jewel it is in terms of its preparation and final flavour.
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Enrique Tomás S.L.
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