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When to turn the Jamón around?

¿Cuándo dar la vuelta al jamón?

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Cutting a ham isn’t that easy task. It is necessary to know how to place it, to have the necessary tools to be able to do it correctly and to know when to turn it around to remove the meat of the other area. Yet,  when do we turn the ham around? How do we know that this is the moment? In Enrique Tomás we help you thereby! Let’s first see what tools you need to be able to slice the Iberian ham properly:

What do I need to cut a jamón?

To cut the Iberian ham we need a ham holder and a set of knives. This has to be composed of:

Ham knife:

This is a knife 30 centimetres long, with a sharp blade and a pointed end. When using your knife you will have to be careful because it cuts a lot. Always place your hand over the area you are slicing.

Puntilla (Boning knife):

This knife is considerably smaller than the previous one and is used for peeling and boning, so it is the first and last one you will use. It is essential to extract all the meat from the ham and, as it is smaller than the ham knife, it is more manageable. It is the one you are going to use when you find the bone.

Sharpening tool:

This is the tool you will need to sharpen your knives. Its blade is rounded and to use it you have to hold it with one hand and with the other move the ham knife or the boning knife, depending on what you want to sharpen, from top to bottom of the blade.

Essential slicing tools to cut the Jamón piece

When to turn the ham around?

Now that you know what the tools are, let’s start with the jamón. The first thing you have to do is place it in the ham holder. If you have ever wondered how to place the ham we have something to tell you: there is no one position better than another. You will have to put your piece with the hoof up or down depending on various factors, such as how long you estimate it will take to finish it. Thus you will start it according to the part you will slice at first. For instance, if you are many at home and it will take very little time to eat it, start with the babilla (knuckle), the most cured part; if you are few, start with the “maza” (cushion)

In the ham holder

As soon as you have it in place, you can start cutting slices. A trick: il you see the knife blade through  each slice, you do it correctly. Cut them thick enough to taste and smell and thin enough to feel the oil moisten your mouth. When you reach the bone, use the boning knife and, when you can no longer extract Iberian ham, turn the ham around. Then you will have to start cutting again from the other side.

That said, if you realise that your jamón piece still has meat but you can’t remove it, bring it to one of our establishments! Our specialists are real professionals and will prepare the slices, ham shavings and ham cubes that remain in your piece in vacuum-packed sachets, so that nothing will be left over! And because they’re vacuum packed, you don’t have to open them immediately, so you can wait up to 90 days to eat them! Now that you know when to rotate the ham and what you need to cut it, what are you waiting for? Do you already have your piece? If so, put your knowledge into practice!


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Cutting a ham is not so easy task, find out when to turn the ham over and you will be able to extract all its meat! In Enrique Tomás we tell you the trick!

Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano




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