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Where does the Jamón of Jabugo come from?

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Knowing where The Jamón of Jabugo comes from or what are its peculiarities is important to find out what makes it so special, so if you want to know everything about it, you’ve come to the right place, Enrique Tomás will explain it to you! Let’s get started!

Origin of the Jamón of Jabugo jamon de jabugo - jamon de Huelva

The “jamón of Jabugo” is the one produced in the municipality of Jabugo, an Andalusian town located in Huelva. This town of 2,260 inhabitants according to the 2016 census is one of the main producers of Iberian products in the country and its peculiarity lies in the way that it is produced

The development of the Jamón industry has led to a mechanization process where the right temperature and humidity of the hams are automatically controlled. However, the particularity of Jabugo ham lies in the fact that drying follows the same traditional process that was followed a few years ago.

Traditionally, the process of dry-curing the Jamón has been done by hand, opening and closing the windows of the drying areas where the ham legs used to be placed; the producers of the Jamóm from Huelva still maintain this same procedure today and continue opening and closing the windows  according to the atmospheric conditions of the Sierra and the needs of the Iberian product at all times.

As we explain in the book Jamón para Dummies, the Designation of Origin D. O .Jamón de Jabugo is the oldest of all and that is why, together with these exceptional climatic conditions, this Jamón is considered one of the most famous in the world. This designation of origin covers 31 production areas in which are found Alajar, Almonaster la Real, Aracena, Aroche, Cala, Cañaveral de León, Galaroza, Cumbres Mayores and of course the most famous Jabugo, among others.

The natural conditions of these areas are very optimal and result in an excellent dry-cured Jamóm that once is in your mouth, it will make you feel a strong and intense taste that you will simply love. Both the taste of the hams and that of the ham shoulders have a recognizable taste. The best option to understand the afore-mentioned sensations is by tasting our box Flavours of Huelva  that will allow you to taste all the products of this origin at once.

jamon de jabugo - jamon de Huelva



Particularities of the Jamón of Jabugo

We have already explained that Jamón of Jabugo is subjected to a traditional dry-curing process, but what other particularities does it have? For instance, the diet followed by the pigs whose legs are intended for Jamón because they roam in the same Sierra where they are dry-cured. Another specifity is the biodiversity of the area that translates into different aromas and tastes of the Jamón’s fat. Alltogether, this origin is easily recognisable among the rest.

In the Enrique Tomás shops, you will find all the Iberian products of the Huelva origin identified with the purple colour of the label and the J of Jabugo. If you ask any member of our team, they  will all tell you that the Jamón from Huelva, is undoubtedly the most easily recognisable from all those within the Jamón Ibérico. It is flavorful, intense, almost smoky and simply unforgettable.

So, if you want to try this type and want to know where to buy the Jabugo Jamón, you have two possibilities. The first one would be to go to a specialized store like Enrique Tomás or to a gourmet supermarket where you can be sure that the product you buy is the real one so that you can enjoy every slice. The second possibility is through Internet and you have to know that in our website you will be able to buy the best Jamón online, because we make sure that each and every one of our products exceed the quality standards. That said, now that you know where the Jamón of Jabugo comes from and why it is so famous, don’t give it any more thought and let its taste invade your palate. You’ll be delighted!

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Knowing where The Jamón of Jabugo comes from or what are its peculiarities is important to find out what makes it so special, so if you want to know everything about it, you've come to the right place, Enrique Tomás will explain it to you!

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