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Where to buy Spanish ham -Jamón in the U.S.A

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Do you live in the U.S. and are a Spanish Ham (Jamón) lover? Or simply have not yet tasted it and are curious to know what you’re missing. Whatever the answer to the question is, surely if you have looked for it you have not found it and if you have, it may not be the real Iberian ham, made in Spain, or its price is exorbitant or both. Well, we have very good news for you. Enrique Tomás has come to the USA, to all the cities and states so that you can try it and learn a lot about it, if that is your wish. We make it very easy for you if you want to buy Iberian Jamón/ham in the USA without having to travel, with the total guarantee of quality and purchase.

Spanish Jamón/Ham in the USA

If you have visited Spain, and especially Barcelona or Madrid for business, vacation or family you probably know some of our stores at the airport or in the city. Or maybe you have already visited one of the two locations we have opened not long ago in the USA. The first one in Puerto Rico, in its airport more than a year ago and another one in Dallas, Texas just a few months ago. We are the specialists in Jamón/Spanish ham and we want you not to give up this gastronomic jewel because of the distance. Through our customers, your opinions and questions, we know that you love our Jamón/ham and we want you to continue buying it easily, safely and with the maximum guarantee when you return home to the U.S.A.  Maybe you know a Spanish restaurant in your area of residence or even you are lucky and there is a gourmet store where you can find the delicious Iberian Jamón/ham. But at what price, what quality, do you pay more than its quality is worth? Is it the same thing you have tasted in Spain? Look no further! We bring it to you wherever you are and we tell you all about what, how and in what way.

comprar jamón en alemánia

Enrique Tomás in America

After opening the first location in Mexico a few years ago, and after a lot of work and effort from a great team of people, Enrique Tomás has achieved his dream: to bring Spanish Jamón/ham to the U.S.A. in two places in a very short period of time thanks to into two locations. The first one during the last quarter of 2019, at the Puerto Rico Airport and the second one in February 2020 in Dallas, Texas. The year 2019 was also a very important year for the Enrique Tomás family because we had previously opened their locations in Peru and Buenos Aires.

Enrique Tomás in Dallas

Our restaurant in Dallas has been a wonderful experience.  From the first day people heard about our arrival in Texas, the city residents and the local media of Dallas made us arrive their joy for the news and their impatience for the desire to come and participate in the opening of our facilities. And from the day of the inauguration until today, we can only say thank you for the wonderful welcome we have had and our willingness to serve more people every day and especially to let them know our reason for being: the Jamón.  At Enrique Tomás, as great lovers and experts of Spanish Ham, we know how delicious, how exclusive it is because of its preparation, its origin and above all because of its inimitable taste. The Spanish Ham/Jamón, the Iberian Jamón in particular, gives pleasure. So when we try it our senses are awakened at once and if we accompany it with a good wine, we have the complete gastronomic experience.

Of course in our Dallas location, the Jamón/ham is the protagonist, but there is much more than ham, there is a wide variety of tapas and dishes of our Mediterranean diet combined with local products and cooked by the hand of our expert chefs.

Fachada Dallas

Our location

2822 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
United States

T. +1 (469) 577 4879

Foto cortadores Dallas

Our slicing specialists in Action

The big news: our online store for the whole USA

For only two months now we have our own e-commerce for the sale of Spanish Jamón/ham and other gastronomic products online for the entire United States, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We reach everywhere you are in the space of 2 to 3 days depending on the place and your needs. You will be able to buy all the ham you want in the main formats available: whole piece ham, loose vacuum-packed sliced ham or wonderful packs to try or to give away. You will also be able to buy everything from cheeses, olive oil and Iberian cured meats such as chorizo, among others, to Iberian fresh meats to cook to your liking. Ah without forgetting the basic utensils for cutting the ham Jamón! if you buy it bone in. And much more! Here are some examples:

About Jamón/ham

You have at your disposal the three best known qualities of ham: our Jamón Gran Reserva, popularly known as Gran Reserva ham, the best on the market for its quality. It is followed by the Jamón de Campo Ibérico and to conclude the jewel of the crown, the Jamón de Bellota Iberico Premium.

Jamón Gran Reserva

It comes from the white pig, mainly from the Duroc breed, whose genetic characteristics are similar to the Iberian pig, since it has the ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle like the latter. That is why both breeds are crossed.

Jamón Gran Reserva without hoof

Our Jamón Gran Reserva- White breed

Jamón de Campo Ibérico

This ham comes from an Iberian pig, where the mother is mainly of Iberian breed. As we said before, the Iberian pig is the only animal capable of infiltrating fat into the muscle. Therefore, its meat is spectacular, it is tender, juicy and very tasty.

In this case, the Iberian pig has been raised on the farm where it has combined two types of food throughout its adult life, it has eaten fodder but it has also grazed in the wild where it has fed on herbs and wild fruits. Hence its name: it is Iberico (Iberian breed and Campo (countryside). This ham is an intermediate level between the Gran Reserva and the Ibérico de Bellota Premium.

Jamón de Campo Ibérico - without hoof

Our Jamón de Campo Ibérico

Jamón de Bellota Ibérico Premium

This is the best of the best in Jamón/ham quality. There is no other ham in the world that resembles it. As the name indicates is an Iberian pig born of Iberian mother and father. This pig has been raised on the farm to approximately 100 kg and from here it has made La Montanera, that is, it has grazed for 4 months in the Spanish Dehesa (meadows) totally free where it has fed on mainly acorns, so its name of Bellota (Acorn). It has also done a lot of exercise as it has walked a lot to drink the water from the rivers. Its infiltrated fat is totally natural from acorn oil.

Jamón de Belllota Iberico without hoof

Our Jamón de Bellota Ibérico Premium

About Iberian cured meats

You will find the three basics of Spanish gastronomy: Loin, Chorizo and Salchichón. And of course, they are all of Iberian breed.



In Iberian fresh meats

For lovers of grilled or barbecued meat, you can enjoy our range of Iberian fresh meats. These are the most sought-after pieces of meat for restaurants in Spain due to their quality and taste. You can cook them in many ways, but we advise you that the simpler the recipe the better, because this meat is not only juicy but also very tasty. They are all frozen and sent refrigerated.

Iberian Presa

The Iberian prey is a part that is located next to the shoulder, is the top and front of the back. Very juicy.

Presa ibérica

Iberian Presa

Iberian Secreto

It’s like putting butter in your mouth, it’s a very mellow part. Also close to the shoulder.

Iberian Secreto – Secret

Iberian Pluma

The pluma (feather) is just what is before the loin and is also a very tasty area of the pig.

Pluma ibérica

Iberian Pluma -Feather

Iberian Lomo -Sirloin

This is one of the most precious parts because it is a little leaner than the rest, but it has the intramuscular veining that characterizes the Iberian pig that gives it juiciness and makes it very tender on the palate

Solomillo ibérico

Solomillo – Tenderloin

Delivery method

All your orders are sent in a refrigerated package, if required by the product. Depending on your immediate needs you can choose the form of shipping, and the price of transport will vary according to your city or state but you can see it when you advance the order, and something very important! FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $200!!

Other services on the web

These services are currently only offered at our Dallas location, but will be available at upcoming openings. These are:

Catering, cutting courses and private events

For these services the best and fastest way is to send us your application and contact here. If you are holding a private event of any kind, tell us your needs, we will be happy to help you and put us at your service.

Whenever and however you want, do not hesitate to have a simple but unique gastronomic experience. Enjoy our Jamón/ham and Iberian products whenever you want, because now we take them to where you want.

Sliced Jamón
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Sliced Jamón
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2822 N Henderson Ave.,Dallas,TX-75206,
Telephone No.+1 469 577 4879
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You live in the USA and don't know where to buy Spanish Jamón/ham. Don't worry now you can do it the easiest way and without leaving home.

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