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Where to buy Iberian ham sliced with a knife


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If you want to buy ham, our product king, you are in the right place. Jamón ibérico de cebo and Jamón ibérico de bellota are two of the most delicious snacks in our country and everyone likes to take a little of them to the mouth. Especially when they are cut with a knife. But where do you buy Iberian ham sliced with a knife. In Enrique Tomás we are going to tell you about the different options you have!

Where can I buy ham cut with a knife?

If you have ever wondered where to buy Iberian ham cut with a knife, you should know that there are two answers:

Specialised shops

In the specialized stores dedicated solely and exclusively to the sale of this delicatessen, such as Enrique Tomás‘, we offer this product in an infinite number of ways. For example, our catalogue consists of whole pieces of ham, but also slices cut with a knife or slicer as well as ham cubes and shavings.

You can come to any of our stores and buy a little sliced by knife to enjoy it today, or take a vacuum packed sachet that you can open in up to three months. To enjoy the nuances and aromas of the meat in all its splendour you will only have to wait a few minutes for the slices to separate from each other when they come into contact with the air. Yet, if you don’t have a store nearby, that’s all right! You can place an order through our website and we will take it to you where you indicate us.

donde comprar jamon iberico cortado a mano

Gourmet Supermarkets

This type of store sells all kinds of products for the most demanding palates. Iberian ham and cheese are some of them, but there are also fresh fish, fruits or canned food, among other products. Some of the sliced packs that they sell are made up of ham slices cut with a knife. In addition, some supermarkets even have butcher shops where you can also buy your own meat.

What is the difference between ham sliced with a knife or with a slicer?

Some people prefer ham cut with a knife. However, it must be borne in mind that the nuances between a hand cut  and machine cut are practically undetectable. It takes many years to educate the palate to differentiate between a slice of ham cut with a slicer and another slice cut with a knife.

The important thing in any case is to ensure that each one is of the right thickness, thick enough for the flavour to be noticed and thin enough for the oil to make your mouth water. At Enrique Tomás we are concerned that each and every one of our slices are like this because, after all the work involved in getting a first class Iberian ham, we do not want to spoil it!

We care about getting our product to you as you like, that’s why we offer it in so many formats. However, if you are tired of buying it already sliced you can buy a whole piece and our kit of knives to make sure that your slices are as perfect (or almost) as ours. You will enjoy the ham as much as we do!


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Find out where to buy Iberian ham cut with a knife to enjoy this delicacy sliced by the hand of the best ham carving experts, you'll love it!

Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano


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