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Where to buy quality sliced ham

where to buy sliced ​​ham - Enrique Tomás

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We all like to eat ham, that’s clear, but the truth is that not everyone masters the art of cutting it properly and before destroying a piece of ham, we choose to buy it ready for consumption. Then, the question arises, where to buy quality sliced ham? From Enrique Tomás we always recommend going to specialized and reliable shops. Now, we will explain everything you need to know to enjoy the best sliced ham.

Buy ham, whole piece (bone-in) or sliced?

In Spain, it is very common to see in the kitchen of any house a good ham leg, exposed and ready to be cut; and there is nothing better than to enjoy a freshly sliced ham, but beware! Because if we don’t know how to handle it well or if we’re going to take a long time to eat it, our experience with the whole piece may not be as positive as we’d hoped.

Our recommendation is that you always keep in mind the pace at which you will eat and cut the piece. Keep in mind that a ham of about 7 kilos can be used up to 60% if the person has experience; thus, we have about 4 kilos of ham that should not last more than a month, do you think that this will be your pace? If so, go ahead! Dare to cut ham and perfect your technique with our Ham Slicing Course, but if the answer is no, then the best thing to do is to buy sliced ham according to your needs.

When to buy a whole piece:

  • When we know how to cut it and we have the necessary tools available, that is to say a sharp ham knife and a ham holder or support that allows us to adjust the piece for slicing in a comfortable way.
  • When we go to eat it quickly. The less time passes from the time we open the ham leg to the time we get to the bone, the better.
  • When we have a celebration or a meeting with friends, this way we also make sure that our ham or ham shoulder will be eaten quickly.

When to buy sliced ham:

  • When you want to try several types and qualities of ham at the same time, without worrying about the ham getting too dry or spoiled.
  • When you have no knowledge of cutting techniques or do not have the right tools at home to work on a ham leg.
  • Whenever you want to treat yourself, celebrate an original dinner as a couple, prepare some good Iberian sandwiches or whenever you want!

Sliced and vacuum-packed ham

In this section we are not going to go into detail about the differences between slicing a ham with a knife or with a slicer, the taste will not change if the person in charge is a professional and the product is of high quality; although nothing like a ham sliced with a knife, of course. Yet  we are going to talk about the preservation of sliced ham.

If you have decided to buy sliced ham, you should know that you will not have to worry about it getting dry or spoiled as you would have to with a whole piece. There are some things you should know about preserving it anyway.

The vacuum-packed sliced ham sachets that you will find in Enrique Tomás stores can last up to 90 days without opening, remember that vacuum is a technique for preserving food whereby removing all the air, the expiration date is reduced while retaining all its properties. It does not need to be frozen and once opened, it is best to eat it as soon as possible, although you can always keep it in the fridge for about a day longer.

In Enrique Tomás’ ham blog you will find more detailed information on this subject:

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Buy sliced ham online

Maybe you think that buying sliced ham is easier than buying a ham leg or ham shoulder but, although it should be, at Enrique Tomás we want the shopping experience to always be a pleasant one, so here are some details that you should keep in mind:

Always be wary of sachets that have perfect slices, all the same size or have the right shape for a sandwich. If you have already seen what a ham leg looks like, you will know that it is not possible to get that kind of slices.

Always look at the labelling. The law protecting the production and sale of ham requires traders to identify each one of their products. In the sachet you should see which pig the slices come from, as well as on the ham leg you will find the bridles that guarantee their quality and origin. At Enrique Tomás we keep the colours of the seals on the sliced sachets, so the Ibérico de Cebo sachets will be white, the Cebo de Campo sachets will be green, the Bellota (acorn) will be red and Bellota 100% Iberian will be black.

Visit our shops or make your purchases online on our website, where you can buy sachets of the qualities you want, you can get your piece of ham or ham shoulder and request our “Cutting Service” with slicer or knife. In this way, you will be pleased to know that you have purchased a whole piece of ham but that you will have it at home in comfortable vacuum-packed sachets to open and enjoy as you wish, when you wish.

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If you are not a ham expert, it is best to buy ready sliced ham and Enrique Tomás has the best vacuum packed and sliced ham. We explain you!

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