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Which formats are available to purchase Spanish Jamon?

En qué formatos puedo comprar jamón

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We are often asked about the different formats that exist when buying jamón (Spanish ham). Which is the most practical and useful way to buy it? The answer is always the same: depending on the needs and objectives of each person. There is no format better than the other; the buyer should buy what it suits him according to the present needs: whether the person knows well the slicing techniques or not, if there are many family members or few at home, if it is a gift, the occasion and the present desire, among other.

As we always say at Enrique Tomás: “Making the decision to buy Iberian jamón is easy, the complicated part can come when you have to decide the format in which you prefer to take it home”. Today we are going to explain all the possible formats that you can find in our physical stores or in our online shop. We will also talk about the advantages and uses of each one, thus, choosing which one to buy will be really easier for you!

Buy jamón in all formats

What jamón formats can you find? Whole pieces of jamón and paleta (shoulder) to cut and enjoy at home, boneless pieces, sliced and vacuum-packed single sachets or the famous packs of jamón and other Enrique Tomás cold meats. We tell you the particularities of each one of them.

Whole piece

The whole piece of jamón or paleta (shoulder) is the most classic format, the one that many people desire. This format allows you to eat jamón whenever you want, in its best condition and sliced by hand with a knife. It is clear that being able to get home, cut a slice of jamón and take it to your mouth is one of the best pleasures in life, and this format allows you to do just that.

Even so, if you want to buy a whole piece of jamón, you must take into account several aspects:

Have the necessary cutting tools and a minimum knowledge of knife cutting techniques to do it safely and to get the most out of your piece.

1. Comply with the conditions for preserving the piece so that it remains in optimum condition: keep it in a cool place, cover it with a cloth and not with the jamón’s own fat, etc.

2.         Cut jamón daily so that its flavor, color and texture remain correct over time.

3.         Consume the jamón within 15 – 21 days or three weeks once you have started slicing. This way you will enjoy its flavor intact during that time. Also, take into account that when we ship you the piece, it is at its best curing time moment, thus if you wait long, it will dry off too quickly if not stored at proper place and temperature.

Choose from the types of jamón you like best and start enjoying it like the jamón lover you are.


Boneless piece

There is also the possibility of acquiring boneless jamón pieces. These are half-pieces from whole pieces previously boned by experts hands . The quality of these pieces is the same as that of whole jamón. The only difference is that the bone is removed to take maket the most of all the meat. We recommend you to buy this format in case you have a slicing machine at home. You will receive the boneless piece vacuum packed too.

Sliced jamón

Buying jamón in sliced format (single sachets) has many advantages. It is a convenient and practical format that also allows you to keep the jamón for a longer period of time. Let us tell you more!

As we have said above, a whole piece has a shelf life of between 15 and 21 days and few families can meet these deadlines, unless they have a lot of people at home or receive many visitors, or have special event so in these cases we recommend buying ready sliced products.

Ready sliced and vacuum packed products, allows us to consume them in the space of a minimum of three months or longer. In addition, if you have a small kitchen, the sachets will be ideal for you because they hardly take up any space in the fridge. They must be always kept in the fridge.

Variety is also a strong point of this format. Although you can do it, it is not necessary to buy a whole piece completely sliced and packaged, you can buy several sachets of one type or another to try them and decide which type of jamón is your favourite.

What you do have to bear in mind is that, you should take it out of the fridge and the vacuum sometime before eating it so that the jamón can get the room temperature, sot that it will sweat some fat out and only then will you notice all the nuances in flavor and texture. You will see that it is ready when the slices separate easily. Finally, once the package is opened, keep it in the refrigerator well wrapped for a maximum of three to four days.

Dónde comprar jamón loncheado - Enrique Tomás

Jamón shavings or diced jamón (sliced in cubes)

Jamón shavings or Jamón in cubes are a very original and delicious format. The concentration of flavor in these small pieces of Iberian jamón is exceptional. This is due to the fact that they are made from the part closest to the bone of the jamón, where it is impossible to cut slices because the meat is more cured and, therefore, tastier. The versatility of these diced pieces or jamón shavings is infinite. In the case of the cubes, they can be the protagonist of any snack or the tastiest accompaniment to any recipe. And in the case of shavings, they can be the protagonists of a good sandwich or the differential value in an infinite number of recipes.


If you are looking to give a quality gastronomic experience as a gift or treat yourself and all the formats convince you, we recommend the jamón packs. You will find infinite options of combos made up of: whole pieces, sliced products, with shavings or cubes, with wine pairing or even with other Spanish products as a complement. Decide which one is right for you. 

Which formats are available to purchase Spanish Jamon?
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Which formats are available to purchase Spanish Jamon?
Learn about the different formats that exist when buying jamón and decide which one is the most suitable for you.
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