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Which is the the best Jamón?

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At Enrique Tomás we believe that the best Jamón does not have to be the most expensive, but rather the one you like the most. True to our principles, our first recommendation is that you let your instinct guide you and choose the flavor you are most passionate about. Even so, if you are not sure and do not know much about it, in this post we are going to help you choose the best jamón for you.

Choose the best jamón for you according to your needs

By type of piece: Jamón (back leg) or Paleta (front leg)

If your idea is to buy a whole piece, one of the first doubts you may have is whether to buy a Jamón or a Paleta. There are ones that prefer one more than the other, but what you need to know is that both are of the highest quality. As for their differences, the first thing to keep in mind is that the matches the pig’s hind leg, while the shoulder is its front leg. This makes them different in size, flavor and ease of slicing. The Jamón is larger than the Paleta, while the latter, being smaller in size, usually has a more intense flavor because the meat is closer to the bone. In terms of slicing convenience, Jamón is easier to handle due to the increased abundance of meat and anatomy.

Thus what should determine your purchase in this case? Nothing more and nothing less than your liking or your needs.

By format: Whole or sliced

In Spain it is very common to see in the kitchen of any home a good leg of Jamón, exposed and ready to be sliced, and there is nothing better than enjoying a freshly sliced jamón But be careful! Because if we do not know how to handle it well or if we are going to take a long time to eat it, the experience with the Jamón or paleta piece may not be as positive as expected.

Some of the differences between whole piece and ready sliced are:

The time of consumption: While the piece should be consumed within 15 or 21 days approximately, the ready sliced one can last up to 6 months or more in the refrigerator because it is vacuum-packed too.

Space: Depending on the space you have in the kitchen, one option or the other will be more convincing. The vacuum-sachets take up almost no space while the whole piece should be placed in a Jamón stand on any surface of your kitchen, away from direct light and heat.

The number of diners: The number of people in the house influences the choice of the piece. To guarantee the good condition of it, we should cut it daily and, as we have said, consume it within a maximum of 21 days. The sachet of ready sliced jamón give you the freedom to consume them over a much longer period of time (minimum 6 months), without the need to consume Jamón on a daily basis. Even so, bear in mind that the sachets must be refrigerated and that if the opened sachet is not consumed immediately, it must remain in the refrigerator again and be consumed preferably within the next 72 hours.

We tell you all the advantages of the sliced format so that you can choose the ideal one for you.

The best quality Jamón

At Enrique Tomás we have different kinds of Jamón or Paleta that are classified according to quality standards and are differentiated by the number of stars we give them. What does this classification depend on? Well, nothing more and nothing less than the breed of pig it comes from, the feed and the curing time of each piece.

On the one hand, we must begin by differentiating Jamón Serrano from Jamón Ibérico. The main difference lies in the breed: Jamón comes from the white or non-Iberian pig, while Iberian Jamón comes from the Iberian breed, which is unique to the Iberian Peninsula.

Within the Iberian hams we can also find differences, mainly related to the purity of the breed of pig from which it comes and the type of feed. Based on that, the curing time of each piece will vary and, in the end, its category. Discover all the different types of Jamón and their particularities.

Jamón de Bellota 100% ibérico

If we set aside individual tastes and talk about exclusivity of the product as well as other factors liske artisanal production over the years, daily care and pampering, gastronomic pleasure, we will realize that we are before a culinary work of art worthy of receiving the homage it deserves.

Jamón Bellota Ibérico is unique in the world, due to its breed, its diet and the curing process carried out by the maestro jamonero. If this jamón comes from a purebred Iberian pig, i.e., 100% Iberian father and mother, we are faced with a piece of spectacular quality, because the animal from which it comes, has grazed the last 4 months of its adulthood in the Spanish Dehesa (Mediterranean forests full of oaks and natural water) where the pig has only eaten acorns and all kinds of wild plants, has done a lot of exercise and has well-muscled its limbs.

This jamón is cured in natural cellars  by expert hands (maestro jamonero) who follow a millenary tradition that of course has been perfected by experience and new technologies, without ever losing the artisan and traditional roots. In addition, the curing time is over 36 months.

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Jamón Bellota 100% Ibérico -Pata Negra

The best Jamón ibérico in the world

In short, if you wonder which is the best Jamón ibérico in the world, we will tell you that it is the one your palate likes the most. Needless to say, the Jamón Bellota 100% ibérico is a piece of gastronomy of unprecedented value. It is pure culinary art, to which several people have devoted years of care and dedication until it has reached an ideal point of curing and excellence in quality.

Finally, we would like to insist that choosing the best jamón also depends on the moment and the use you want to make of it. It will not be the same to buy it to add it to your daily recipes as it will be to enjoy it alone in perfect slices or to include it in a sandwich. Finally, we leave you an explanatory video that summarizes everything we have told you so far. Have fun!

which is the best jamón?
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which is the best jamón?
Find out which is the best quality jamón and which one to choose according to your needs. At Enrique Tomás we believe that the best ham does not have to be the most expensive one, but the one you like the most.
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