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Why buy Jamón in Enrique Tomás?

Por qué comprar en Enrique Tomás

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Today we tell you the reasons why you should buy Jamón at Enrique Tomás. In line with our objectives of making Jamón’s right name to the world, and ensuring that the customer enjoys eating it to the fullest, we work with passion and humility every day to bring this gastronomic jewel to every home in the world. Why buy at Enrique Tomás? Discover the advantages!

A gourmet product of exceptional quality

The Triple Selection Process

Enrique Tomás is the largest chain of “jamonerías” (Jamón specialists and retailer) in the world and one of the aspects that has allowed us to achieve this is our clear principle of guaranteed quality. We have built a team of professionals who take care of the product from the drying sheds to your home.

At Enrique Tomás each product is pampered from the beginning, we surround ourselves with Jamón artisans and producers who share our passion. When we talk about the triple selection process, we refer to the three basic steps of treatment of each of the pieces (Jamón -hind leg) and (Paleta-front leg) that carry the Enrique Tomás label.

The first selection is made directly with the producers, our experts travel the Iberian Peninsula looking for excellence. Then, when the product arrives at our premises, we make another selection and return to the farmer those products that, for whatever reason, do not meet our quality requirements. And finally, we carry out a third review just before sending you the piece of Jamón or Paleta for your enjoyment.

Our most important task is for all our customers to live an experience every time they eat Jamón, which is why we never tire of saying that “Jamón is not just a food, it is a feeling”.

racion jamon
Jamón Iberico de Bellota

The health benefits of Jamón

At Enrique Tomás we also care about your diet, and health which is why our staff includes a technical team made up of experts in nutrition who assess the quality of all jamón transformation processes, guaranteeing the permanence and balance of its nutritional properties that are beneficial to your health.

In our blog, we have developed a category called “Enrique Tomás takes care of you” where we add everything related to people’s health and wellbeing, addressing topics such as: “The nutritional properties of Jamón Ibérico“, “Jamón ibérico favors our immune system” or “Jamón in your heart-healthy diet“. In addition, every week we add healthy recipes with Jamón to cook in your daily life and have a healthy and balanced diet.

Buying from Enrique Tomás is synonym of warranty.

Although we carry out the triple selection process and we make sure that the piece of jamón or paleta you receive is of the best quality, it is also possible that – for whatever reason – it is not to your liking. For this reason, our quality guarantee does not end when we deliver the piece, but we assure you that if you do not like it, you can return it and we will exchange it, if it meets the return criteria as indicated in the description of each product.

To return it, it is important that you keep in mind that you must keep the guarantee seal, that is to say, the black Enrique Tomás label that wraps each piece of Jamón or Paleta and is located on the upper part, below the hoof.


The most precious value: a united and passionate team of people

At Enrique Tomás, the quality of the products is as important as the team in charge of selling them. Without the wonderful human team we have, achieving our goal would be an impossible task.

The dedication and passion shared by the entire team is exceptional. Starting with the staff of all the Enrique Tomás physical stores and all those who make it possible for the product to reach your homes and that you can buy at our online store from Europe, USA and many other parts of the world.

On our Youtube channel you will find part of the team transmitting their passion and experience for the world of Jamón. In addition, their tips and advice will help you get the most out of each piece and enjoy it in the best way. For example, enjoy this Jamón tasting at home, following the steps of our Jamón experts! We send it all ready to start wherever and whenever you want, and you can also share it with whomever you want. You will eat a lot of Jamón and you will understand once and for all the world of Spanish Jamón, soon available in our online store!

You can also ask any questions about Jamón in our blog, where you will find everything about it: how to cut it, what are its properties, which Jamón to choose according to your needs, differences between Paleta or Jamón, differences between Jamón Gran Reserva or Jamón Ibérico and all those topics you can imagine.

Jamón Tasting with wine pairing (only available in Spanish)

Direct and personalized customer service

Our customer service is direct and personalized, on our website we have a live chat in which one of our experts on the world of Jamón will answer all your questions. In addition, customer service can be provided in up to seven languages: French, Italian, German, English, Spanish and Catalan. This way we guarantee the best service and personalization for each customer, no matter where they are in the world.

In our chat we solve your doubts, we help you to choose between the different types of Jamón and we attend to any request you may have. Our national deliveries currently take from 24 to 48 hours and international deliveries from 3 to 5 working days, depending on the country.

Now that you know the main reasons why you should buy from Enrique Tomás, we invite you to take a look at our online store and discover our products. We offer different packs, formats and even other Spanish products related to Jamón such as cured meats, wine pairing, etc. You will love it!

Embutidos y carnes curadas más saludables
Cured meats and fine charcuterie
Why buy Jamón in Enrique Tomás?
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Why buy Jamón in Enrique Tomás?
We tell you the reasons why you should buy at Enrique Tomás. Discover all the advantages. Guaranteed quality and a direct and personalized customer service.
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Enrique Tomás S.L.
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