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  • We are the biggest ham store chain in the world.
  • We have all existing iberico ham varieties.
  • We offer iberico ham in all existing cutting styles and formats.
  • Our goal: we would like you to enjoy tasting our ham!
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Buy jamón ibérico de bellota

A matter of Trust and Passion!

Since the beginning of the company in a market stall in Badalona, the ambitious goal of Enrique Tomás has been to take the Jamón to the world and to achieve this we want to become the first choice when buying Jamón and more than that, we want our customers to enjoy Jamón Ibérico, because for us, Jamón is more than a food, it is an emotion. Now, with more than 100 stores open worldwide and an online shop, our proposal is to help give the Jamón the place it deserves.

If you want to share with the family, make an original gift or simply enjoy, buying Jamón Iberico Bellota is always an option. For this reason, both in our stores and in the new Enrique Tomás online shop, you can easily and quickly purchase the best Jamón in the world in all formats: whole pieces, comfortable packs and sliced in vacuum packed bags, both the popular Jamón Serrano and the famous Jamón de Jabugo.

Buy jamón ibérico de bellota

Now you know that, to buy Jamón, if you don't have one of our establishments nearby, you can place your order online and wait at home for a great package with Iberian products of guaranteed quality. The best Iberian hams, sausages and cheeses that will make you meal be an even greater pleasure.

Then, what do we have to offer in Enrique Tomás? Well, nothing less than the best Iberian hams, with the certainty that they have been taken care of from the very first moment by our Jamón experts whose wish is not only selling, but sharing the passion for one of our country's flagship products, the Jamón Ibérico.

Gran Reserva: The famous Jamón Serrano produced from Duroc breed pigs. Find it in whole piece, ham (jamón) or ham shoulder (paleta), and sliced in bags.

Ibérico de Cebo and Cebo de Campo: Products made with Iberian pigs, a unique animal in the world. Find them in whole piece format, ham and shoulder, sliced in single bags and sliced packs.

Ibérico de Bellota: The most select product, the best Jamón in the world! Find whole pieces and packs of sliced Jamón Ibérico de Bellota and Paleta (ham shoulder), with breed percentages of 50%, 75% and 100%. Buying Jamón Pata Negra at Enrique Tomás will be an experience.

Enter and discover a whole world of Iberian products in our online shop, let the task of buying Jamón be simple, fast and as practical as possible... and remember that one doesn’t eat Jamón, one enjoys eating it! Choose your pack, the origin you like best and live a unique experience.