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This year the best Jamón Black Friday with Enrique Tomás!

We are crazy! This Black Friday 2022 up to 30% off. The whole website at 10% off during a long Black Week, do not miss this great opportunity! As you know and as every year, it is already a tradition our Black Friday so that everyone can have his jamón, in whole pieces, in hampers or slices and many other products like cured meats, wines and accessories. We are sure that you will find something to your taste, your needs and especially your budget to have or give as a gift on these dates so close and so important.

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From November 21st to 27th (both included)
Up to 30% discount

Pieces (bone-in)

The discount! In a star product for these dates, our Paleta de cebo 50% Iberian (shoulder)

Gran Reserva

De cebo 50% ibérico

De cebo de campo 50% ibérico

De bellota 50% ibérico

De bellota 100% ibérico

Original gifts with Jamón

Among the discounts, you will find discounts of 10%. Our famous Jamón or paleta "ready to eat or travel pack" already sliced and vacuum packed in a super elegant cardboard sachet. The famous Jamón and wine packs, mini packs or the pairing hamper.

Ham Tasting

Piece already sliced in “No te cortes” or travel pack format

Jamón and wine packs

Christmas hampers and many other things

What a joy Christmas hampers are! The perfect gift, a hamper for your family, employees or dearest friends. For less than 50 euros you can already have your gift basket, and from there a whole range of products and prices totally adaptable to any budget or need. Choose yours!

Gran Reserva

De cebo 50% ibérico

De cebo de campo 50% ibérico

De bellota 50% ibérico

De bellota 100% ibérico

What is the Jamón Black Friday?

Black Friday is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving in North America (the famous Thanksgiving Day). While it is true that it has its origins in the American culture, it has spread to many countries, and who does not like to buy with a good discount? And even more so in food products as delicious as Jamón and Iberian products. In Enrique Tomás we were not going to be less, so for some years now we have joined this initiative to bring the best Jamón at a very attractive cost to everyone, to all lovers of this wonderful gastronomic product, unique in the world. Ham is the star product of our gastronomy and it makes us very happy to take it beyond our borders. And more and more Iberian ham lovers want to buy Jamón and other Iberian products derived from our exclusive Iberian pig. Few people can resist tasting them. That is why it has become a source of pleasure for many people to enjoy alone or with family and friends. Also, to give as a gift to employees or special customers who are sure to enjoy this unique gastronomic jewel in the world. Now is the time to make the perfect gift, to bring forward the Christmas shopping at an incredible price with the same quality of Enrique Tomás. You have one week to decide, but don’t take too long, time flies!

Frequent questions

Where can you buy Spanish jamón/ham?

What is Spanish Jamón/Ham?

What are the different types of Spanish Jamón/ham?

Which is the best Spanish ham?

How/when do you eat jamón?

Can I buy a whole piece of Spanish ham and have it sliced?

Do I buy the jamón/ham bone-in or sliced?

The best Spanish Jamón/ham in your home

If you live in the European Union and can't buy Spanish Jamón/ham because you can't find it, because it's not the quality you're used to, or because it's too expensive, don't worry. With Enrique Tomás you solve all three things, we will send it from Spain to your home with our quality guarantee and at the price you want to pay, because there is a jamón for you and whichever one you buy will always be of the best quality in its range. You can buy from our great Jamón Gran Reserva, the all-rounder of Serrano Ham, as it is popularly called, from the white pig of Spain, Gran Reserva Ham through various types of Iberian ham from the Iberian pig. Of the latter, you will find the varieties according to the percentage of the breed and the type of feed: Jamón cebo 50% Iberico, Jamón Bellota 50% Ibérico and Jamón Bellota 100% Ibérico, popularly known as Pata Negra and which is of pure Iberian breed.

Buy Spanish Jamón/Ham quickly and easily

From our e-commerce you can choose the Spanish Jamón that you like best, that you want to taste and share at home: Jamón Gran Reserva, Jamón Ibérico de cebo, Jamón de Cebo de Campo Ibérico, Jamón Bellota 50% Ibérico or the top Jamón Bellota 100% Ibérico, colloquially known as Pata Negra. Whichever one you choose, you will find it in all formats, in whole pieces with bones, if you want it sliced. We also offer this service, sealed in vacuum sachets if you are not interested in a whole piece or in convenient packs of different varieties.

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