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When you buy Enrique Tomás' Gran Reserva Ham, you will be buying a ham of the best possible quality within its category among those  on the market. Enrique Tomás' Gran Reserva Ham and ham shoulder pieces are those that come from a non-Iberian pig, also called white pig that has been raised in the Iberian Peninsula fed with feed and cereals. Although this product is commonly known as Serrano ham, for us it is Gran Reserva because we have an exceptional quality for its soft and salty taste at the same time. This balance is given by the quality of the food and above all the curing time with a guaranteed minimum of 9 months for the ham shoulder and up to a maximum, in the case of our Jamón Monte Nevado, of almost 20 months. Everyone likes it for the daily use of the family or an improvised visit!

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