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Ibérico Ham

The jamón ibérico is made with one of the most remarkable products of Spanish gastronomy: the Iberian pig, a breed found only in the peninsula of the same name. At Enrique Tomás we want to exalt this delight to the maximum, which is why we offer a product of the highest quality, made from the hind leg of Iberian pigs fed with food, cereals and grass and dry cured during 24 months.

Cebo 50% Iberian Ham - Selection Promotion 8,3 kg minimum

€225.00 €225.00

Cebo 50% Iberian Ham – Smooth flavour

€257.76 €257.76

Cebo 50% Iberian Ham - Intense flavour

€254.78 €254.78

Cebo 50% Iberian Ham - Aromatic flavour

€259.25 €259.25

The Book of The Jamón Experience

€75.00 €75.00

Cebo 50% Iberian Ham - Sachet 80 gr

€8.80 €8.80

Cebo 50% Iberian Ham - Boneless

€141.30 €141.30

The Book of the Jamón Experience- 3 qualities

€49.50 €49.50
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