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Gran Reserva Ham

In Enrique Tomás we offer you a delicious Jamón Gran Reserva, which after 18 months of a dry curing process has a mild taste that represents the first step of quality of our variety of cured ham. Also known as Jamón Serrano, this product is made with white pigs from our region fed with animal feed and cereals and perfectly dry cured, which gives it a slightly salty taste perfect for the most informal occasions.

Enjoy it in our formats of whole piece, sliced by knife, machine or boneless.

Gran Reserva Ham - Selection

€75.00 €75.00

Gran Reserva Monte Nevado Ham

€127.23 €127.23

The Book of The Jamón Experience

€75.00 €75.00

Gran Reserva Ham - Sachet 80 gr

€4.80 €4.80

Gran Reserva Ham - Sachet 150 gr

€7.50 €7.50

Gran Reserva Ham - Boneless

€76.00 €76.00

The Book of the Jamón Experience- 3 qualities

€49.50 €49.50
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