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Christmas hamper -Pairing- Red wine |Enrique Tomás S.L.

Christmas hamper -Pairing- Red wine |Enrique Tomás S.L.

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In Enrique Tomás we have a new Christmas hamper with which we launch our new wine pairing, a red wine created at the request of Enrique Tomás and with D.O. of Montsant that matches perfectly with the Iberian or non-Iberian ham, hence its name MARIDAJE (jamón and wine pairing). If you are one of those who must drink the Jamón/ham with red wine, you will love it because its good acidity, with vibrant and soft tannin results in a perfect balance to combine with the aromas of the ham without invading them. You will love it!

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This Pairing Basket contains:

  • 3 packets of Enrique Tomás Iberian Cebo Ham.
  • Red Wine Pairing
  • 2 bags of Sevillian breadsticks of 25 gr.

About the Jamón/ham:

Iberian Cebo Ham - Selection

Iberian Cebo Ham is made with one of the most outstanding products of Spanish gastronomy: the Iberian pig, a breed that is only found in the peninsula of the same name. At Enrique Tomás we want to exalt this delicacy as much as possible, which is why we offer a product of the highest quality, made from the hind leg of Iberian pigs fed on feed, cereals and grass and cured for 24 months.

The Iberian pig is a unique breed in its species and only present in Spain and Portugal. Its genetics allow it to infiltrate fat into the muscle, giving its meat white streaks and a unique taste and juiciness.

At Enrique Tomás we want to exalt this product to the fullest, which is why we offer a top-quality Iberian cured ham, produced after an exhaustive selection of the best specimens, with rigorous cooking and a strict curing process in which all the conditions are guaranteed to finally obtain a perfect ham that is delicious on the palate.

About the Red Wine Pairing:

Jamón and Red Wine Pairing -Enrique Tomás

We finally did it, as they say, whoever is next, gets it! Now we have found the best marriage of Jamón/ham and red wine. The experts agree that the best way to combine ham is with white wine or cava, but there are always those who believe in red wine to accompany ham. And it is not easy, you can have the best ham and a great red wine but when you combine them both are killed in a relentless duel. Separately yes but not combined. There are few reds that allow us to enjoy them if we combine them with the Jamón/ham and that also invade the aromas of the latter without letting us savour its texture and aroma. With this pairing of red wine with DO Montsant we have achieved the marriage of a red wine with ham, because they marry perfectly. You will see...

The two grapevines from which this red wine comes are within the Montsant D.O.

They are 70% Garnatxa and 30% Syrah. They are made separately, with their alcoholic fermentation taking place in concrete tanks at a controlled temperature of between 24 and 26 ºC. Later, it is transferred to wooden tanks with a capacity of 2000 litres where the second fermentation, the malolactic one, takes place. After a period of 12 months of ageing, the wine is blended with each of the varieties, choosing the correct proportion of both with the aim of achieving a wine in which the qualities of each variety stand out in a perfect marriage.

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