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Buy Iberico Bellota Ham

We present you the red label of the Jamón de bellota- Bellota  Ham! 

Our experience of more than 30 years as master ham experts allows us to select the best specimens of iberico ham shoulders and hams with a purity of 50% or 75%, to ensure an excellent product for maximum enjoyment of the senses. When you buy iberico bellota ham, you are buying the best ham in the world, because the animal it comes from, the Iberian pig, the only one on the planet, provides the best curing. The infiltration of fat in the muscle of this animal, along with the intake of acorn gives rise to a delicious ham full of flavor and aroma with a texture incomparable to other cured meats. Our iberico bellota products are an example of this delicatessen for the most sensitive palates, its taste is unparalleled and when you taste it you will know better what it feels like. Give yourself that pleasure!

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