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Buy Iberico de Cebo de Campo Ham

Speaking of ham, surely the term Recebo sounds more to you than that of Ibérico de cebo de campo, but you have to know that they are the same only that the first is no longer used, or better said, it would no longer be correct according to the change of regulations in 2014 related to its labelling according to breed and food. Instead we will talk about Iberico cebo de campo. If you want to buy iberico cebo de campo ham, we explain exactly what you are going to buy in case the Recebo was not clear to you either. In any case, this ham also comes from the Iberian pig first raised on the farm with feed and cereals, then on the countryside with wild plants and finally again on the farm. Try it if you haven't done it yet, you are going to be very surprised because it is a step between a traditional Iberico cebo and iberico de Bellota. It is a good alternative and we assure you that you will love it. It is just as good as an Iberico Bellota ham and is less expensive. It will depend on your taste!

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