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A sparkling touch

Cava is one of the main products of Spanish gastronomy and, although it is generally produced in Catalonia, there are also those from La Rioja, Aragón, Extremadura or the Valencian Community. Obviously, each has its own nuances, but there is a characteristic shared by all, the bubbles.

Thanks to this sparkling touch, the cava becomes one of the best accompaniment to cured Jamón, resulting in to what is known as "pairing by contrast". In Enrique Tomás, as jamón experts, we recommend to combine the jamón with sparkling wines or some cava because thanks to them the taste buds open much more, so you will experience a sensation of incomparable freshness. You'll enjoy every slice like it's your first! That said, we will show you which cavas we have specially selected for you so that you can decide for yourself which product best meets your wishes.

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