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Cured Meats

Everything but the squeak

Enjoying a good dry sausage is a gastronomic pleasure, which is why at Enrique Tomás we have a selection of high quality Spanish lomochorizo and salchichón to satisfy the most demanding palates.

With different varieties of Gran Reserva, Ibérico de Bellota and Bellota sausages 100% Iberian from the best places in Spain, we offer a range of exquisite products in piece format or sliced and vacuum packed, so that you can enjoy them with total comfort. Taste the sausage of your choice and give your palate a unique experience.

Spanish Lomo

Spanish Salchichón

Our star sausages

The art of stuffing dates back to ancient times, due to the need to preserve meat products for longer periods of time. Its evolution has given rise to a great variety of products with well-differentiated characteristics, partly due to the availability of raw materials and the climate of each region.

That is why we have a wide variety of cured sausages with different flavours and nuances in our gastronomy, which has made Spain the most renowned producer of Iberian products in the world.

Enrique Tomás brings together three of the most outstanding products, from both non-Iberian and Iberian pigs, to make you enjoy a unique gastronomic journey. The loin, the chorizo and the salchichón are our star sausages, elaborated taking care of the quality in each stage of the process so that you can enjoy the best flavour.

Ideal for any occasion

Sausages are always welcome at the table! They are perfect for a rich aperitif, as the main characters of a sandwich and also to incorporate them into traditional dishes of our gastronomy, giving them a characteristic flavour that is difficult to replace.

In Enrique Tomás you can find them in a whole piece, to be sliced at home as you prefer, or cut by machine or knife so that you only have to serve them and enjoy them on a rich table of sausages or simply with bread or toast. They're always delicious!

Combine them with the best ham or shoulder ham

It is difficult to think of a typical aperitif of our land without including, not only sausages, but also a good ham or a delicious paleta that, added to the regional cheeses, become a worthy gastronomic representation of the country.

That is why at Enrique Tomás we invite you to try our varieties of Gran Reserva ham and ham shoulders, also Ibérico de Cebo and Ibérico de Bellota, which are undoubtedly the ideal complement to our delicious dry sausages.


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