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Spanish Lomo

What is Lomo?

The lomo is one of the most appreciated sausages in the Spanish gastronomy, and the higher its quality is, the more our palate enjoys it. That is why at Enrique Tomás we offer you the best selection of Iberian lomo and Gran Reserva so that you can enjoy a delicious product in every bite.

And, because we know that your comfort is the most important thing, in our online store you can buy this product in different presentations. ¼ of whole loin, half loin, cut by knife or machine and vacuum packed or our incredible packs with bellota 100% iberian products made up of ham, lomo, salchichón and chorizo from the best origins: Salamanca, Huelva, Cáceres - Badajoz and Córdoba.

Delight yourself with only the best! Buy loin online and receive it in the comfort of your home with the guarantee that you will be able to enjoy a product of the highest quality and much flavor.

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