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The Flavours of Enrique Tomás: Smooth, Aromatic, Tasty and Intense

In Enrique Tomás, as experts in Iberian ham and cured ham, we have a goal from the first day the company was founded and is to bring the Jamón to the world. In short, we want the world to know by its name "Jamón" , this artisan and gastronomic delight that is produced exclusively in the Iberian Peninsula.  There is no possible translation for a delicacy that has only one origin, just like pizza, foie-gras or caviar.  The Iberian breed of pig that is raised in our peninsula is therefore unique, but not the way in which each producing area and its ham expert makes hams, ham shoulders and Iberian cured meats. Let us remember the saying "Every coach has its on way", because in the world of ham the coach is obviously the ham master, or "cook" as we like to call him In Enrique Tomás.

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