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Ham Shoulder

The intense flavour of a good ham shoulder

The ham shoulder is one of the most appreciated products of Spanish cuisine. The ham shoulder, being the front leg of the pig, smaller and with less amount of meat than the back leg, has a more intense flavor than the ham due to the proximity of the meat to the bone, which reduces the dry-curing time and has thus a stronger but also exquisite taste. In Enrique Tomás we offer you four varieties of a ham shoulder: Gran Reserva, Ibérica de Cebo, Bellota 50% and Bellota 100%, so you can enjoy a range of nuances and flavors that are always delicious, no matter which you choose.

What is the Paleta-ham shoulder?

The difference between ham and ham shoulder is one of the most frequent questions that arise when talking about these two products. The ham shoulder comes from the front leg of the pig, smaller and with less meat than the back leg which becomes the ham.

Due to the animal's own constitution and the fact that the proportion of meat near to the bone is higher in the ham shoulder than in the ham; the result is a product that is cured much faster, obtaining a more intense flavour nuances than those of the ham.

In Enrique Tomás we make sure that each of our ham shoulders has the highest quality and a perfect dry-curing time, so that you can enjoy a unique product that exalts the flavor of a Spanish food delicacy

How a ham shoulder is produced?

After selecting the best front legs, the ham experts shall prepare them for salting. As first step, a V cut is made on the pork rind, in order to decide the amount of fat that will be exposed to the salt. Exceptionally, the ham shoulders from Huelva get a different cut which is much smoother and rounded with a slightly oval shape.

Depending on where the cut is made and the proportion of fat, the ham shoulder will obtain its nuances of flavor and salt. Once this process is complete, the leg will be salted for an average of 10 days and then dry- cured according to the characteristics of the product and the flavor that the ham expert wants to obtain.

The Gran Reserva ham shoulders are dry-cured for 15 months, the Ibérico de Cebo ham shoulders for 18 months and the Bellota 50% and Bellota 100% will require a 24 month curing period to result in a perfect flavor. In Enrique Tomás we make sure that every time you buy one of our ham shoulders-paletas, whether it's the whole piece or knife or machine-sliced, you can enjoy a unique and simply delicious product.


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