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Iberico de Cebo de Campo Ham shoulder

The intense taste of a Ham Shoulder and the aroma of nature

If, due to their smaller size and their meat closer to the bone, the ham shoulders are known for their more intense and cured taste than the hams, with this Iberico Cebo de Campo ham shoulder you will enjoy a tasty, exquisite piece.  It has the characteristics of the Iberian pig with its fat infiltrated in the muscle but which has also enjoyed the pleasures of the pastureland in its growth phase. Its quality/price ratio is unbeatable, it has the advantages of excellent curing and its cost is less than that of Bellota ham. We have this ham shoulder (bone-in), in sachets and in comfortable travel packs available. You choose the format that best suits your needs. We are much certain that you are going to love it!

Iberico de Cebo de Campo Ham Shoulder

In Enrique Tomás we have all the qualities of ham by breed, food and origin. And of course, the Iberian category of Cebo de Campo could not be missing.  It is true that the main characteristic of an Iberian pig is its exclusive capacity to infiltrate fat into the muscle and give it such a special and juicy taste, but it is the feeding process and, of course, the way in which the master ham specialist “cooks” the piece that will determine the rest: intensity, flavour, curing, even the smell for the most knowledgeable noses.

The Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham shoulder is the front leg of the Iberian pig, the breed of pig that makes the Iberian Peninsula unique in the breeding of this precious animal and its king product, our Iberian ham.

Breeding and feeding

If it is Iberian it is because of its breed and if it is "Cebo de Campo", we are talking directly about the feeding of the pig.  All Iberian pigs are fed in the same way until they reach the first 100 kilograms of weight, as suckling pigs first suck on the mother's breast and then with vitaminized feed and cereals, which is usually a staple food for the animal to grow strong, muscular and with very resistant bones. Afterwards, to obtain the rest of the weight, the animals are released in the pastureland and it is at this moment when our Iberian pigs feed on acorns, wild fruits, and they drink and do a lot of exercise in freedom so that they can muscle and their fat can penetrate better in the meat thanks also to the oil of the acorns that they have consumed.

When the time comes to leave the Montanera, the pig called CEBO de CAMPO returns to the farm to finish fattening until it reaches the right weight to produce the very good Iberian pallets of field fattening. Four years ago, this type of pallet was called a recebo.

What is iberico recebo ham shoulder?

As of January 2014, the regulations for ham underwent some changes in the denominations of origin. This change also affected labelling according to food and breed. Thus, what before 2014 we called Iberica de Recebo Ham Shoulder, later became Iberico de Cebo de Campo Ham Shoulder.

The term “de Campo” refers to the release of animals into the pastureland during the growing process, where the animal has been fed acorns, wild fruits and CEBO because it has returned to eat feed. 

At the end of the process they must reach a minimum of 150 kg. From then on, the curing process for 18 months begins, just like by the Iberico de Cebo Ham Shoulders. If you choose one of these ham shoulders, you will discover a few nuances of a juicy, aromatic ham that will delight any palate, and ¡hopefully yours too!

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